Will He Break The Deal?

The he is Trump and the deal is the one that we have in place with Iran.

All the news is the Iran is holding good with the deal….but Trump and those hidden neocons are saying they want him to null and void the treaty and start the mash up to “bomb, bomb, Iran”…..

But now word is leaking out that Trump may be telling the neocons to “talk to the hand”…..

There seem to be those that want to extend sanctions….would someone remind them that sanctions will not solve a problem….only diplomacy can do that.

AS long as they are holding up their end of the deal….then I say do not screw with the deal.  But ass usual their will be BiBi there poking them with a stick trying to get a reaction.  Then there is Trump…..we have no idea what will be said or done from day to day…


8 thoughts on “Will He Break The Deal?

  1. One thing about the “Trump” thing: You can get a snoot full of anti-Trump niggling, haggling, complaining and rhetoric-creation on almost any main stream media outlet — In fact the Media coverage of Trump has been 91% negative according to most available records. What this blogger (Me, John Liming) wants to see is not more anti-Trump rhetoric that makes those who spout it look overly obsessed and therefore a little unbalanced — What this blogger wants to see is less anti-Trump spouting and a little more offering of actual solutions to the problems that confront America. Trump has shown his willingness to reach across ideological boundaries and work with both sides of the aisle … if only they could get their heads out of their rear ends and recognize his willingness to do so …. but I fear their hatred for him is so entrenched that no amount of patronization from him is going to accomplish a damned thing.

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