This Is Embarrassing

Back in the early days of the Trump campaign I said then that there were a few positions I could go along with….mostly in his foreign policy.  But once elected he has shown me nothing….his disdain for the State department is most troubling….then his policy handling through the use of Twitter nis another disturbing aspect for me.

But I think his approach to the problems in Korea have turned my stomach about as far as it can go….he has become an embarrassment……for example…..

Trump’s North Korea policy was put on display on Sunday morning, as the President’s plan to deal with the nuclear weapon pursuing regime is to mock them on Twitter.

Trump tweeted:

I spoke with President Moon of South Korea last night. Asked him how Rocket Man is doing. Long gas lines forming in North Korea. Too bad!

The President undercut any attempts being made to solve this crisis with a single tweet. Trump’s social media statements are why the North Koreans don’t take him seriously. The presidency is not reality television. Taunting and mocking aren’t the same as governance. The reason why the Kim regime has accelerated its nuclear program so quickly is that they tested Trump early in his presidency and realized that he is going to do nothing to stop them.

It is almost as if the President is trying to provoke an armed conflict in North Korea. Trump wants to be a wartime president, and his childish taunts are only pushing a crisis closer to the brink. While Trump tweets, the regime continues to launch missiles and develop their nuclear program, and when the crisis hits the breaking point, Trump will take no responsibility while claiming that the military was his only option.

As an international relations professional I am having a hard time dealing with this amateurish attempt at foreign policy.

His speech to the UN may be more telling….but I am thinking….NOT!


8 thoughts on “This Is Embarrassing

  1. Chuq, how did you like Donald Ahmadinejad’s address to the UN? At first, he seemed to be making a political speech, then he was ignorantly trying to channel “Old Blood and Guts” Patton, then I could see our Arab “allies” steaming with the Islamo-Facist talk. He also seemed to ignore the role of Essayist Thomas Paine, who turned public sentiment against the Crown–not John Adams!

    Toward the end, I wondered if he was going to ask anyone, who he hadn’t pissed-off yet, to raise their hand.

    1. I am working on my analysis as we speak….it was scary when he threatened war from the podium….a typical Trump speech…..lots of low class bullying…..chuq

      1. Don’t know if you saw my blog post on North Korea. There are some eerie similarities to the Cuban Missile Crisis of ’62. Unlike initially suggested, both Kennedy and Khrushchev were trying to avoid war.

        Putin and Xi seem to understand the implications of any military activity on the Peninsula. Even Kim! But Donnie? NAHHH!

  2. The thing about President Trump is that there have been many people predisposed to disliking him from even before he began his campaign for the office of President in earnest … and even then the haters did not take him very seriously … I believe it came as a seismic shock to most of his detractors when he actually showed he was serious about running and more so when he actually won the election … so there is not much surprise that some folks can find it within themself to write lengthy blurbs about why they disagree with him on this issue and that issue or the other issue …. but believe it or not there are some of us out here who actually approve of what our President is doing and we support him …. for now anyway. Nothing to see here. Moving on.

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