Weekend Thought–16Sep17

Is it just me or is the news so damn boring that it has become monotonous?

It is redundant to a fault.

Every day it is the same….North Korea…..Congressional investigation….Dems doing something to crap on the Repubs…..as far as international relations goes it is North Korea with a smattering of China.

Maybe it is just me…after all I am nursing broke foot that leaves me lots of time to read or watch the news…..since I could care less about celebs….I really do not care about Beyonce and her kids….or the Kardashian clusterfuck…..what some skinny white girl has done to her hair…..on and on…..

The storms made the news a little more interesting but once they hit land they became just an endless string of stupid questions to fill the news block….questions like…you are in Key Largo, what do you see?  A hurricane just went through what do you think they see?

Politics is just as boring…..Dems scheming….GOP pouting…..and Trump pulling a string or two to keep everyone on their toes…..

I heard a weather person tell the nation that the temp in Florida would be 105 and the humidity up around 100%……he stated that it was going to be dangerously hot and that everyone should stay cool top avoid problems……think about that for a moment….there is little power in the state and it is after a hurricane….where will the people find this coolness?

It is getting to be a chore to find stuff to post…..I do not do mundane and that is all this is in the news these days.

Thanx for letting me vent a bit…..I am sure it is not over yet.  Stay tuned!

I would like to say to all IST friends in Florida…..our prayers are with you….stay strong….stay safe…..be well…..chuq


4 thoughts on “Weekend Thought–16Sep17

  1. Nope… It’s not just you. Though I haven’t watched anything other than the odd baseball, or other game on the bar TV at the joints I occasionally grace with my custom, I can only agree, as you describe a big part of WHY I stopped watching it altogether. It’s just noise, having no relation to anything real or actual; moreover, nothing changes, in spite of all the noise. So, what’s the point of engaging in such a waste of mental energy? It’s not like they’re ever going to tell you anything relevant, or that you don’t already suspect, or know….

    SIGH…. I have to concur; it’s redundant, massively ignorant, and has no bearing on reality…. Good on ya for saying so….

    I’m on a relative internet/computer hiatus, but, I do like to keep an eye on IST…. Since you’re a political junkie, by your own admission, there’s always something I can use as a target…. Does that make me lazy? Perhaps so, but, hey, I AM a human, and an American by birth; expediency is something I was taught all my life, just like all of us. I just try not to get it on my clothes or hands….

    Be well, my friend; hope your foot is healing well…

    gigoid, the dubious

      1. Aye, it does; everything takes longer these days… LOL…. In some ways, that’s a good thing; for healing, it’s not….

        See ya….

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