American Religion Perverted

Below is a piece I read written by a theological professor….it tries to answer some questions that I have heard asked in the past.

Every election we hear lots about religion and its place in our society…..but just how much religion has been there in all of the 241 years of the presidency?

Source: God In America: God in the White House | PBS

Evangelicals continue to redefine religion in America.

If that is what religion has become, I want nothing to do with any of it.” This came from a young adult, speaking about the takeover of religion by the political right-wing that now owns the evangelical version of the Christian faith. My young friend is not alone. There are millions of young, and not so young, Americans echoing the same sentiment.

Source: American Religion Perverted | Articles | Senior Correspondent

I may not agree with parts of this article but I do believe that it should be read and questions answered.


5 thoughts on “American Religion Perverted

  1. Interesting article.. and when you add to it the recent order by Trump making it easier for religion to engage in politics, it’s very easy to see the trend of Christianity taking on a right wing perspective. There’s always someone wanting to impose their morality on the rest of us.
    My opinion… ignore religious deviations… or start a new religion. Keep going to the church you want to attend that represents your faith preference and ignore the rest. If you need politics mixed in with your devotion to the Bible in worship, so be it. But.. I’m still guarding the separation of church and state in formulating public policy. Islam, Christianity, Judaism, etc…. I’ll not have America a theocracy.

  2. Another reason why I am so against religion, in most forms. Since the Crusades, it has just been used like a weapon, and lost its truth along the way.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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