A Look At War

After Vietnam I went to college and set my mind on the study of conflict (war)…..after experiencing it first hand I felt I need to take a look at it from all sides.

There are far too many people that view war from a distorted prism…there is nothing romantic or heroic about war…..war is barbaric, chaotic and ugly…..

I fear that policy-makers do not talk enough about the inherent ugliness of war. War is state sanctioned brutality, the outcome of which is death, destruction and suffering in order to achieve a political objective unobtainable through diplomatic means. It is a contest of wills settled through extreme violence where devastation is the rule, not the exception.[2] War is also based on a crude and cruel calculus where success usually relies upon the ability to both inflict and sustain greater casualties than the opposition. Its enduring features are friction, chaos, and chance; all of which lead to uncertainty, and none of which are natural allies of the delivery of precise violence or predictable outcomes, which seem increasingly to be what society, and in turn, policy-makers expect.

Source: War Isn’t Precise or Predictable — It’s Barbaric, Chaotic, and Ugly | RealClearDefense

We are sending more of our troops into a meat grinder and few seem to mind or even care…..has it become so common place that we brush off conflict with a flick to the channel changer?


23 thoughts on “A Look At War

  1. Reblogged this on cigarman501 and commented:
    I would guess those folk who praise war and elevate warriors to god-like status have never actually had to fight in one. I said guess because I’ve never had to fight in one either.

  2. I certainly hope my posts don’t give the impression of glorifying war, but do hope it glorifies the strength and bravery that such an awful situation can bring out in some people.

  3. Have you ever written or otherwise shared your own war experience? Sometimes the first hand accounts tend to provide depth and expanded meaning to the flag draped caskets… and graphic encouragement to avoiding wars in the future… not to mention, maybe some personal therapy. Just speculating.

    1. I have attempt to share here but as usual you get some smart ass that knows everything and spends their time trying to provoke….I share with family members if they care to listen….chuq

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