Mr. Bannon Departs?

There seems to be a rash of departures from the White House….and the Oval Office loses another player….

Steve Bannon is out as White House chief strategist, or will be soon. President Trump told his senior aides he has decided to remove Bannon, two administration officials tell the New York Times. Officials warn that Trump could change his mind; they say Bannon’s future was still being discussed by Trump and Bannon as of Friday morning and that Trump is still discussing with other officials when and how to proceed. Another source says the resignation was actually Bannon’s idea, and that it was supposed to be announced at the beginning of the week but the Charlottesville violence delayed it. The Drudge Report also reported Friday that Bannon would be “moving on” after an “impressive run” as senior adviser to the president, and that he may return to Breitbart News. Vanity Fair reporter Gabriel Sherman says the latter is true.

Following the reports from Drudge and the Times, other outlets including Fox News cited their own sources in reporting that Bannon will be leaving the White House. And ABC News echoes the Times source who said Bannon submitted his own resignation; per ABC, the resignation date was supposed to be Aug. 14, exactly one year after Bannon joined Trump’s campaign. His reported ouster comes after increasing clashes with other Trump advisers, including Trump family members. Known as a right-wing nationalist, calls for Bannon to be removed increased after the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville that ended in violence. Earlier this week, Trump insisted that Bannon is “not a racist,” but said “we’ll see what happens” with regard to his future at the White House. Also this week, Bannon gave an unsolicited interview in which he called the far-right “clowns.”

We should have seen this coming… his last interview Pres. Trump referred to him as Mr. Bannon….not a title of someone in his good graces.

Did he leave on good terms?  If not, then Breitbart may not be a Trump cheer leader anymore.  Trump needs Breitbart and the like to keep his base in line.

This situation will be worth watching…it could be the best drama of the year… far.

17 thoughts on “Mr. Bannon Departs?

    1. She has been missing for a couple of days f you are talking about the blonde on thew Trump payroll….but it you are talking about the NSC leader then I think he may stay for now….there covered all my bases on that one…LOL chuq

    2. Doug, if Trumpie began ousting “His Generals”, then he’d have to listen to the Joint Chief. His Three Generals are His Men; but, the JCS represents the soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines. H.R. McMaster wrote that in his book, Dereliction of Duty.

      1. Rumsfeld took it one step further, disregarding both the JCS and the CIA. Now, the question about DJT is: How much lower can he go? Remember again, that His Generals–Mattis, Kelly and McMaster–are namely that…His Generals!

  1. Stevie, don’t let the door hit you in the butt, on the way out…FINALLY!

    But, as we’ve seen with Cory Lewandowski and Paul Manafort, Trumpie’s Devil seem to have a way of coming back. Let’s hope that Bannon is really gone this time, and not whispering in Trump’s ear from the Shadows!

  2. New York Times actually reported that Trump told his aides Bannon was taking too much credit for Trump’s success. My question remains : what success exactly?

    The answer might be that Trump likes to twist his loss as his win. For instance in the 1970s the Federal Housing Agency tried to sue him for racially segregating his housing plots. However instead of pushing for a guilty verdict the government allowed him to settle. Trump spun this as a victory saying that he wasn’t found guilty. This as true, however subsequent federal investigations have proven that segregation practices have still persisted after the trial.

    ‘Innocent until proven guilty’ – thats how Trump plays it.

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