Emotions Are Napping

It appears as if the emotions have finally been silenced a bit….all the chest thumping has subsided….even the threats to Guam….

North Korea’s apparent walk back of its threat to fire missiles near the U.S. territory of Guam could mean military tensions with the United States have been diminished—or at least postponed.

Or it could indicate that much of the seeming escalation in tensions between the two sides last week was more rhetoric than reality to begin with. State media reported Tuesday that Kim Jong Un, the North Korean leader, made the decision following a meeting with military commanders, but he reserved the right to fire the Hawsong-12 near Guam if the U.S. grows “more reckless.”

But that does not mean the situation has abated….

Let’s say that somewhere someone has a good idea and there is an actual treaty with the North Koreans…..what would it look like?

After weeks of belligerent rhetoric, North Korea took a pause Tuesday. But where is the mercurial Kim Jong Un headed next? U.S. officials are debating whether he may want direct talks with Washington about a formal treaty to replace the 1953 armistice agreement that ended the Korean War.

The U.S. has been pursuing a dual path, threatening military conflict (semi-believably because of President Trump’s verbal thunderbolts) while also urging stabilization of a denuclearized Korean Peninsula. The diplomatic trick here is simultaneously reassuring North Korea, China, South Korea and Japan that their vital interests would be protected.

Source: What a Permanent Treaty With North Korea Might Look Like | RealClearWorld

There is an optimistic look at the future….but what will it look like if all efforts fail and we stumble into another war on the Korean peninsula?

The duelling words between President Trump and Kim Jong-un of North Korea has led to much speculation about whether war is looming.

War does seem unlikely, given that several observers have noted that the US forces in Korea and the Pacific remain in a peacetime posture, but what would be the tells that war is coming?

The Intelligence Community, our frontline observers, watch for indications and warning (I& W), specific actions that warn of an attack. What would I&W look like applied to our side to allow outsiders without security clearances to anticipate a possible conflict? The following list is based on preparations the United States took in conflicts over the last quarter century—Desert Storm in 1991, the bombing of Serbia in 1999, and the invasion of Iraq 2003— as well as what we know about the main Korean war plan, called OPLAN 5027.

Source: Korean War 2.0? The Signs To Watch « Breaking Defense – Defense industry news, analysis and commentary

A look at both sides of this situation….which would be the most preferable?

I think that is about enough with North Korea…..that is until the next mash-up….and it is only a heart beat away.


3 thoughts on “Emotions Are Napping

  1. As I have previously stated, I think that China is the key to the situation there. If they manage to convince Kim that they will not help him in any way, then he is unlikely to do more than talk a lot. Then we can ignore that talking, and your administration can get on with the job of ‘Making America Great Again’. (Though I often wonder, when wasn’t it ‘Great’?)
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I think that is why Kim backed down from the whole Guam thing….but if he decides 5to call their bluff I do not think they would turn their back on a loyal state apparatus. chuq

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