There Might Be A Problem

Note:  This draft was written before the latest mash-up and threats against North Korea.

As a geek for all the stuff in the Middle East I found myself becoming drawn into the situation with North Korea…especially these days with all the hype about their missile tests.

The days of their nuke tests is over…that is until they detonate another one and then the hype will start all over.

These days it is all the missile tests that NK is conducting…..the hype is that they can reach our allies of Japan and SK and now with the ballistic tests they could reach as far inland as Chicago.

Of course this hype has lead to a wealth of hysteria and hyperbole…..

But there is a small problem with the most recent test…..

North Korea’s latest missile launch was seen as a worrying success that means much of the US mainland is now in reach of Pyongyang’s missiles—but analysts have seen signs that not everything went according to plan. Video shows that the mock warhead on the intercontinental ballistic missile apparently breaks up during re-entry, suggesting that North Korea has so far been unable to create a warhead capable of surviving the extreme heat of re-entry, the New York Times reports. Missile expert Michael Elleman of the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London says it could take around six months for North Korea to fix the problem, buying the US more time to plan missile defense systems.

The need to fix the warhead problem also means the North is likely to have to carry out more ICBM tests, giving the US more opportunities to respond. “We will handle North Korea. We are gonna be able to handle them,” President Trump told reporters Monday. “It will be handled. We handle everything.” In addition to the ICBM test, the US says it has detected “highly unusual and unprecedented levels” of North Korean submarine activity, along with signs of a missile “ejection test,” a defense official tells CNN.

This will not play well with all the garbage we are fed daily.

In reality, experts say the video footage of the ICBM shows that it broke up upon re-entry, and hit the sea in pieces. Lack of re-entry capability, along with lack of advanced guidance technology, were both cited as problems with the previous test as well.

Indeed, some have argued this makes North Korea’s missile an ICBM only in the loosest sense of the word, as it lacks necessary technology to be accurately fired at such a long range. At its core, these missiles are just medium range missiles with an extra stage of fuel that makes them seem like they’d go farther.

Funny this was not important to the MSM…..but then I would not expect it to be worthy of their attention for it does not fit the paradigm of the day.

As I said before…..hype and hyperbole.


4 thoughts on “There Might Be A Problem

  1. You have got to the heart of the issue. The tests are all failures so far. They may travel a bit further, but they have not proved to be effective, in the military sense. Just giant fireworks at the moment. Best if your administration doesn’t get drawn into a war of words from which there is no alternative but to strike first. You can be sure that there will soon be outrage if that happens, and it is discovered that the DPRK missiles were all bluff and bluster, not unlike those non-existent WMD in Iraq.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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