I recently read a fellow blogger and friend’s post about the Pres. Trump and the MSM on economics…..and it got me to thinking….but before I throw my couple of pennies into the fray…here is his post….

Source: Lame Stream Ignores Record-Breaking Stock Market Performance Under Trump | The More Than Unlikely Kingdom Of An Imaginary Billionaire Named John

I have said many times that Trump needs to hype the excellent market figures and the unemployment stats when he makes his on-the-road speeches.

There will be some that will say that the good economic news is just hold overs from Obama….but Trump is doing what every president, nay every leader has done….if you are the sitting leader then take credit for the good news…nothing wrong there.

After I read my fellow blogger’s post I got to looking into the thing some will call “Trumponomics”.

I found an interview that was posted on the pro-Libertarian site, The Unz Review……

SHARMINI PERIES: It’s the Real News Network. I’m Sharmini Peries coming to you from Baltimore. The rise of stock prices in the US stock market could be an indication of economic growth and prosperity, but it could also be an indication of the concentration of wealth of the rich and powerful. Which is it? To answer that question, we need to look at other economic indicators. In the press conference that President Trump had just a few days ago announcing his new chief of staff, General John Kelly, Trump took the opportunity to give himself credit for the rising stock prices. Let’s listen.

Source: Trumponomics and the Stock Market – The Unz Review

I found another op-ed that covers the phenon called “Trumponomics”

It has been six months since US President Donald Trump took office.

Amid a slow and disorderly White House transition – including a string of prominent departures – and an ongoing investigation into his Russia ties, Trump is trying to divert the world’s attention to the US economy.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average just hit the 22,000 mark for the first time in its 121-year history. Stocks headed higher even as Wall Street lost confidence that Trump’s election proposals like tax cuts and infrastructure spending will be pushed through Congress.

Source: ‘Trumponomics’: Making America great again? | USA | Al Jazeera

Trump needs to focus on these small successes and less on who said what about him…..make the case for Trumponomics… will force the MSM to cover and comment.


10 thoughts on “Trumponomics

  1. As you point out, the administration is missing a trick.They would do well to emphasise the fact that all the hoo-hah about the president has not affected the economic performance of America. On the down side, I do not see that things are any better for the poor and needy, or for the average worker whose life has shown no real sign of getting any better. (Or of becoming ‘great again’)
    Regards, Pete.

  2. Methinks you missed the greater point here. Likely for the first time in modern history the presidency has become irrelevant. The economy, Congress, everything else is moving along because everyone is getting used to ignoring the guy occupying the Oval Office. A post to follow with lots more detail on this.

    1. Agreed. Congress has caught Trump’s displeasure by passing Veto-proof Economic Sanctions against Russia. After complaining, he signed the Bill lest he lose credit for actually passing something! They have been making plans to protect AG Jeff Sessions, and also Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

      And as noted, Donald Trump has been duly noted for what he is–a characture of a real person. He reportedly has shunned the Presidential Daily Briefings, as he has alienated our entire Intelligence Community. The GOP has been forced to dally on numerous unnecessary iterations of a health care plan, and then have their heads handed to them, in Town Hall Meeting, when they venture back into their states and districts.

      Trump Rally? He hasn’t accomplished even one of his “Day One” promises. His Tax Scam will further separate the Have’s and the Have Not’s, won’t stimulate the economy, and where will Consumer Spending come from when the Middle Class has been bled dry? Donald has been quiet on his Infrastructure Scam, Tariffs and Trade, and repealing Dodd-Frank. Happily, he has not effected the economy, which just reported its 83rd consecutive quarter of improvement.

      Lastly, Tax Reform is merely code for re-institute the Bush Tax Cuts for the Wealthy. Now, how ironic that they led to The Great Recession. Then, when they expired in 2010, the economy began to recover. HMMM?

  3. Doug, during that run-up to the Presidential Election, the financial markets become anxious our to the Uncertainty. I believe that the markets can respond to bad news, but they are in a quandary with regard to Just Not Knowing.

    This is similar to the upheaval, which Trump is creating for the Health Insurers. Donald’s irrational actions–feuding with DEMs, the GOP, Murkowski and now McConnell–have caused the Margin of Era to jump–thereby raising risk, which means higher premiums. And wait until people see the impact on Medicare!

    Yesterday, Trump did make an impact on the Financials Markets, causing a number of pundits and readers to conclude that, perhaps, Kim Jong-Un is the saner man, as Trump tries to remove the red paint that splashed on him.

    that Trump is creating with

      1. Doug, the North’s warhead miniaturization process still has some doubts. Also, Kim’s message was “Near Guam”. I believe that he is just testing his range–but with conventional. Otherwise, who go after Guam, other than the air base that would bomb him?

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