As ISIS Shrinks

By all accounts the barbaric bunch that goes by the name of ISIS is losing ground almost daily….does this mean victory is on sight?

Not really……

Manchester. Nigeria. Baghdad. Kabul. London Bridge. Tehran. And Marawi, in the Philippines, among many other targets…

The news headlines about recent bloody attacks conducted by the so-called Islamic State, or inspired by it, give the impression that the ISIS brand of global jihad is ever-expanding and still dynamic.

The Muslim holy month of Ramadan, when ISIS traditionally ramps up such high-profile attacks, is a little more than half over, and has demonstrated the jihadists’ continued global reach.

Source: The state of ISIS: shrinking territory, expanding reach –

It is reaching well beyond the Middle East…..with that can victory over the group be declared?

Their global program keeps expanding….

ISIS’s first attack in Iran punctuated two stark realities: the group’s annual Ramadan campaign is alive while the US-led anti-ISIS campaign is on a path to failure. ISIS surges attacks every year during Ramadan in order to gain or increase momentum in its global campaign to maintain its declared caliphate, expand across the Muslim world, and win an apocalyptic war with the West. ISIS has conducted successful attacks in three new countries this year – the United Kingdom, the Philippines, and Iran – and will likely pull off more before the Muslim holy month is over. The jihadist group has sustained a global insurgency despite the considerable military pressure it faces in Iraq and Syria.

ISIS has been waging its global campaign in four separate “rings” since 2014. First, ISIS is defending and attempting to remain in and expand its territorial control in its “core terrain” in Syria and Iraq. Second, ISIS seeks to weaken the Middle East’s power centers of Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. Third, ISIS is expanding in other Muslim majority countries through attack networks and, when possible, ground operations. Fourth, ISIS is conducting spectacular attacks in the non-Muslim majority world, or the “far abroad,” in order to polarize those communities and radicalize their minority Muslim populations. ISIS’s Ramadan surges set conditions in these rings, varying its main effort based on its circumstances and the capabilities in Iraq and Syria and of its networks abroad.

Source: ISW Blog: ISIS’s Global Campaign Remains Intact

No, the way this thing is being fought does not lead to victory……

This is an article from a source that is not that complimentary toward the US….however they make some good points in the piece.

Since 2001, when then US President George Bush announced his “War on Terror,” presidents and politicians both in the United States and among America’s allies, have repeated this phrase and have done their utmost to convince the public that indeed, the West was fighting a “War on Terror.”

Yet there is something disturbingly ambiguous about what exactly the “War on Terror” consists of, who it’s being waged against and how it could ever possibly be brought to a successful conclusion.

It is also often referred to as the “Long War,” and for good reason. America’s ongoing occupation of Afghanistan is the longest armed conflict in US history. Additionally, US troops still find themselves in Iraq, some 14 years after the initial invasion and occupation of the state in 2003.

The US has been using the same tactics for 16+ years and still the terrorism is rampant….maybe now would be a good time to re-think the tactics and conceive a new workable plan.

Just a passing thought.


4 thoughts on “As ISIS Shrinks

  1. Declaring victory over ISIS is no different to Bush’s speech about winning the war in Iraq. That has never gone away, and neither will ISIS.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. it is well known that extremism is defeated by supporting, protecting and feeding; that it is counter-productive to fight extremism by force of arms. The problem in a purely capitalistic society is that waging peace is nowhere near as profitable as waging war, hence we must wage war while designing a propaganda that “proves” the need for such war, or wars. Since “Earthians” are more attracted to violence than cooperation, it’s not a hard sell. This whole war-mindedness will end when individual mindsets change. Possibilitiy of this happening? 100%. Reality of this happening? 0%. Say goodnight, Dick.

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