Relive The 2016 Election (One More Time)

News Flash!  Donald J. Trump won the Electoral College…thus he became president of the United States.

And ever since his win the Dems have been trying to explain how they lost the election…..the simple explanation that none in the Party wants to hear….you had a crappy candidate.

But you have tools like MSNBC’s Joy Reid and others that blame the progressives for the loss…they say that we were pissed about Bernie’s loss so we work against Hillary…yeah that was it (sarcasm)….you toads defeated yourself!

MSNBC’s Joy Reid all but confirmed as much in a widely shared tweet earlier this week in which she said, “Bernie and his followers are like that college friend who stays at your place for weeks, pays $0, eats your food & trashes your aesthetic.”

She, Reid, is NO better than the Right’s Rush Limbaugh……a tool for propaganda.


Let’s look at the Dem. Party shall we?

The Party ceased representing the worker class when they let Bubba Clinton and his DLC take over control of the Party.  When that occurred the Party went from labor and working class to big business and big money party.

That you jackasses is where your problems began.

The Democratic Party no longer stands for the principles that progressives embrace……The Democratic Party has shifted to the right. It’s not anti-war. It’s not strong on the environment. It’s not strong on civil and human rights. It’s not for universal health care. It’s not strong on cracking down on Wall Street and big banks or corporate fraud…in short a tool of the GOP.

That is right….I said….typical GOP stuff.

With each election the Party is driving more and more voters away…..the candidates are NO way progressive and seldom liberal….no matter what those mental midgets on the Right try to convince you….they are NO better than the slugs they (GOP) nominate.

The Dems lost these elections on their own….blaming others for their stupidity does little to change the trajectory they have programmed for themselves.

They elected a similar toad to run the DNC with promises they cannot deliver.

The latest election in Georgia has proved one thing…the Dems have NO message that the American voter wants to hear.  As per usual the Dems will spin this as a win and they will stay the course on a message that few want to hear.

The only thing that the DNC has accomplished… not to increase the number of Dems but rather giving the working people a chance to look for a new leader….a new message…..and possibly a new party.

Source: The American People’s Party

That is what they have accomplished……the search for REAL representation.

8 thoughts on “Relive The 2016 Election (One More Time)

  1. As I said on John’s blog, given the supposed unpopularity of Trump, you might have thought the Democrats could take a state like Georgia, especially allowing for its ‘southern’ roots.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. The simplest fact is this: when one engages in politics, on whatever level they choose to participate, it will eventually condition their minds into channels that are not naturally conducive to change; they always turn to trying to maintain the status quo. This, of course, is fatal; the only things in the universe that do not suffer change are THE DEAD.

    People have become so enamored by the concept of government, they tend to forget it is an artificial construct, one that does not serve to provide anything humanity actually needs; it only provides the illusion of ‘safety’, which, in reality, has no meaning….

    As long as people expect government to solve their problems for them, they’ll continue to be disappointed, for we can only find those answers inside ourselves; government can’t do anything but make people more dependent on illusion…

    gigoid, the dubious


    1. I think government can solve problems but it takes principles by those governing and so far we have had none of either….chuq

  3. I tried to tell every Democrat that would listen (none of them) that Bernie actually stood a better chance of winning against Trump than Hillary. Both parties are obsessed with chasing the 5-ish % of voters that are inexplicably unable to settle on which party is better (aka least worst) for them. And both parties completely ignore the 50+% that never/rarely vote. Anybody who gets 5% of the non-voters to turn up for them wins. (See Obama)

    Trump attracted people who don’t generally pay attention to politicos, angry “low information” voters who don’t care about policy beyond 140 character descriptions of them. Meanwhile, Hillary sounded like the teacher in the Peanuts cartoons to…well, everyone. The ONLY folks actually excited about her candidacy were fans of the “feminist sitcom” One Day at a Time back in the 70’s.
    Even younger women were pretty apathetic about Hillary. A Hillary-Trump was the WORST possible match-up for the Democrats. Trump was probably the only Republican Hillary could have lost to.

    Meanwhile, Bernie is as angry as the most-likely-to-vote of that non-voting 50%. The guy doesn’t look, or sound, much like a politico. Shit, he doesn’t even comb his hair! More importantly, Bernie would have been a much better match-up in the ONLY (non-Florida) States that mattered…the Rust-Belt States clobbered by bad Trade policies both parties support & Bernie opposes…and not-coincidentally… the States Hillary lost the election in.

    And yet most of these Democratic buffoons STILL don’t get it! Propaganda? Maybe, but I think they actually believe the bullshit they’re saying.

    1. Bernie is still strong in progressive circles….Dems have NO message….until they find one they will continue to be also rans….chuq

      1. More importantly, they got NO balls! For the last 25+ years, Democrats have been a bunch of Surrender Monkeys. Yes, Corporate Democrats etc, etc. But they’ve ALL been too scared to have a message, lest the Republicans hold it against them. “Tax & spend Socialists!” They’ve walked into the Republican trap of being bland, milquetoast, copycats. Who the fuck wants a watered-down version when the real thing is right beside them on the ballot???

        More importantly, America HATES pussies! In general, most people will align with “the strongest side”, even if it’s against their own interests. For decades, the Pussycrats have consistently looked weak, even when they DO win. They act embarrassed of what they supposedly believe in and were elected to do. Democrats lose, even in victory.

        Just look what a complete unknown did last year to a “surefire winner”. Bernie had ZERO chance of winning, but came close anyway. It was primarily because he stood for something and ran against a candidate who stood for whatever offended the fewest number of people at that moment. After squeaking one out, she ran against a total joke. But he was a strongman-type who didn’t give a fuck who he offended. Despite being an offensive, know-nothing, idiot…he won! Could the lesson be more obvious??? Stand for something…anything..and be willing to (politically) die for it!

        And to the Pussycrats who said “But we have to run to the middle, lest we drive moderate voters to the lunatic.” (a decidedly illogical, defeatist, message itself)…I responded (to no avail) “Nearly every Republican will vote for Trump, even if they hate him. A percentage of Bernie fans will stay home. How many Hillary fans will stay home, or vote for Trump? None!”

        Participants will always participate. The marginalized majority need to be really inspired to show up. Having a vagina and eating burritos doesn’t even come close. If anything, it inspired the enemy.

        Note: I asked all TRUE Hillary fans as I could if they liked watchingOne Day At A Time. The response was a 100% “Yes!” They were all politically interested, 40+, women still caught up in the sheer symbolism…and blind to almost everything else. For example, the fact that even women under 30 didn’t really care she was a woman.

      2. No argument here…..Dems need a message….as it is they are just a petrie dish of GOP policies….they will lose again if they do not change and I mean a real change….2018 will be no big deal…they will still be a minority. Have a good weekend….chuq

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