Is Foreign Aid Crucial?

There have been many calls for the US to lessen or eliminate the foreign aid to the rest of the world.

I for one have said that we could use it more to get favorable commitments and not just give it away to our “buddies”…it could be used to avoid war or end disastrous conflicts.

Is foreign aid vital to our national security?

Some say yes…….

In our active duty days, we were honored to help lead the finest fighting force in the world and we strongly support an increase in military spending to maintain the readiness of those forces. But our experiences also taught us that not all foreign crises are solved on the battlefield; in the 21st century, weapons and war fighters alone are insufficient to keep America secure.

That’s why we support a robust development budget to advance our national security objectives — and we are not alone in this belief. This week, we will join 14 other experienced former four-star generals and admirals in submitting testimony to Congress that military power alone cannot prevent radicalization, nor can it, by itself, prevent despair from turning to anger and increasing outbursts of violence and instability. Over the past 15 years, our national experience in Afghanistan, Iraq, in the Middle East, and now in Africa has shown clearly that development aid is critical to America’s national security.

Source: Why foreign aid is critical to U.S. national security

For too long it has been used to reward our “buddies” instead of trying to affect change in the conflicts that rage the globe.

Since the days of Bush 1 our foreign policy has been going downhill……I was not a supporter of George HW Bush by any stretch of the imagination….I will give him his props…his foreign policy was impressive…..

George H.W. Bush, who turns 93 today, was the last person elected president of the United States with any prior foreign policy experience.

He entered office with one of the most impressive resumes of any president, having served as director of the Central Intelligence Agency, ambassador to the United Nations and Ronald Reagan’s vice president.

He left office with an impressive list of achievements, including managing the peaceful collapse of the Soviet Union and the unification of Germany. But a major high point of his presidency was also the harbinger of disappointments to come: the swift military victory that reversed Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait and seemed to herald a new era in world affairs – but left Saddam Hussein in power.

Source: George H.W. Bush: America’s last foreign policy president

It is a shame that our present president has so little confidence in foreign policy and diplomacy….we were better off when we had presidents that believed in the positive aspects of foreign policy.

If national security is a priority then so should foreign policy and diplomacy.

These days our national security is under attack and we have turned our backs on foreign policy……you should be very worried…..I know I am.

21 thoughts on “Is Foreign Aid Crucial?

  1. Well, we only have that shell of a department that took care of that stuff.. what was is called… um.. the State Department, I think.

  2. Don’t be worried chuq…..try this approach which I lifted from your J.Cole post….
    ‘One of his many wives, Hassa bint Ahmad al-Sudairi, had given him 7 sons, the largest bloc of men eligible for the throne’ which made me laugh….Bloc of of men!! Do we need any more men???? answer NO.
    We can always learn something new b/f we fry. 🙂
    Try this
    bint is British slang for a woman or girl, but it is always disparaging and offensive and signals the user as lower class and unrefined. It’s also now rather dated. I do remember this word,shows you my age 🙂
    Not to forget….
    The word is Arabic for a daughter, specifically one who has yet to bear a child. It was in common use as a slang term during the first and second World Wars among British and Allied servicemen stationed in Egypt and neighbouring countries.

    Sir Richard Burton was the first person to use the word in English, in his Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to El-Medinah and Meccah in 1855: “ ‘Allah! upon Allah! O daughter!’ cry the by-standers, when the obstinate bint of sixty years seizes their hands”.
    First laugh for days!
    Been grim lately…I hate politics & have now chosen to tweet all about nature(what’s left) & the birds & the bees…..& I mite drop in from time to time just to make sure you do not take things too seriously 😦
    Keep up the good work friend… 😉

      1. ps….I will keep sending you relevant political posts….need another break b/f my brain caves in at the sight of man’s inhumanity to man.

    1. That reminded me of my Dad, who was a regular soldier from 1936-1947. He used to call all young women a ‘bint’. I didn’t discover its Arabic origin until much later.

  3. I have always thought that foreign aid should be used to react to tragedies and disasters, and not just handed out on a regular basis to those countries considered to be ‘friends’.
    Regards, Pete.

    1. Then by your definition, Pete, you Brits owe us foreign aid for the tragedy that is Trump.

  4. I believe our aid goes to the wrong people for distribution. If we feel we should donate to a cause, give it to the UN. I agree with Pete that it should be more often used for disasters.

  5. I think the most telling part of what was said here was the pathetic fact G.H.W. Shrub’s expertise in foreign policy arose from his time as head of the CIA, when he was fully engaged in manipulating political events all over the planet, including establishing and maintaining the cocaine trade in THIS country as a means of controlling the ‘lower classes’, & providing political fuel to stimulate internal disarray, thus keeping the populace distracted & ignorant…

    And THAT’S the best of the recent lot? Says a lot, I think, for how far we, as a nation, have fallen into ignorance, and mental slavery..

    Lady P. has the right idea; politics is poopadoodle, & the more we continue to engage in it, the sooner we will meet our destiny, alongside the Dodo, and the Mastodon, as merely a fossil record to find in a far distant future by another species….

    gigoid, the dubious


  6. The key point about Foreign Aid is to spend it wisely. Giving it to the government will just enable them to divide-up among themselves–and going into offshore accounts–some to the military to protect them, lest they are overthrown or assassinated, and the rest is used to spruce-up the capital, to impress foreign dignitaries.

    But, the Aid will never get out to the masses, to: fight malarian and diarrhea (Yes!); provide basic health care; build projects for clean water, sewers and irrigation, etc. And, don’t talk about “Nation-Building”, when the masses don’t have the basic needs–electricity, are illiterate, and receive no help from the capital.

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