Closing Thought–19Jun17

A magical day in the garden…..serene and soothing……and one f*cking weed that is a bitch……..

Disclaimer:  I am NO way suggesting that anyone should attempt to partake in illegal drug use…..this is solely an FYI post.

I admit it….back in the 60’s I was a bit of a Hippie and yes I tried a wide array of illegal drugs…..weed, uppers, downers and acid but the best of the lot was the tea made from those mushrooms that grow in cow crap.

Now that weed is slowly becoming legal there is a turn to more “daring” drugs….the Magic ‘Shrooms…..and guess what?  They are safer than you think….or so says some research……

A massive drug survey has labeled hallucinogenic mushrooms as the safest recreational drug in the world—though ensuring you’re consuming a psychedelic variety of fungi, rather than some poisonous version, is rather important. This year’s Global Drug Survey, with 120,000 participants in 50 countries, found that 0.2% of more than 12,000 people who reported taking magic mushrooms in 2016 ended up in the emergency room, per the Guardian. That’s compared to 0.6% of cannabis users, 1% of LSD and cocaine users, 1.2% of people who took MDMA or ecstasy, 1.3% of alcohol consumers, 3% of people who took synthetic marijuana or “spice,” and nearly 5% of people who took methamphetamine, labeled the most dangerous recreational drug.

Drugs like LSD are more potent than magic mushrooms, so “it’s easy to take too much and have an experience beyond the one you were expecting,” says survey founder Adam Winstock. That’s why users should “always take a tiny dose to start.” But in the case of magic mushrooms, “death from toxicity is almost unheard of, with poisoning with more dangerous fungi being a much greater risk in terms of serious harms,” Winstock says. Magic mushrooms, with the active ingredient psilocybin, do carry risks, though. Users may experience accidental injury, confusion, disorientation, panic attacks, and negative flashbacks, reports Inverse. Winstock adds that risk of harm increases when the drug is taken with alcohol or in “risky or unfamiliar settings.” (Here’s what happened when cancer patients took mushrooms.)

Please I am not suggesting that you run out and start doing illegal drugs….only that if for some reason you do…..try the safer of the bunch…..NEVER do as I have done!

So ends another day……ENJOY…….TTFN….chuq

8 thoughts on “Closing Thought–19Jun17

  1. Being from that generation too, I freely admit that I tried everything, except for those drugs requiring injection, as I hate needles. (Fortunately, as it turned out) Looking back now, (my last spliff was in the early 1990s, and nothing since) my fondest memory was a seaside trip, under the influence of Mescaline, some time in 1973. And I was driving too! That was an amazing day, and the best sunset ever. I pulled the car over on the motorway, just to watch that drug-fuelled wonderful sunset. Halcyon days indeed.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I also avoid needles…..just not my thing….I had a very long conversation with God down a drain pipe….mysteries were revealed….chuq

  2. Interesting, even though I never understood the lure of drugs, illegal or not. I’ve always lived my life secure in the knowledge (backed by severe experience) that their are no short-cuts to making ourselves into better people. It’s got to be deliberate, clear-minded and constant choice… IMO. Still, I’d say, whatever works, just make sure it does work.

  3. I have lots of mushrooms growing in my back yard, but I don’t know what to do with them, or if they’re safe.

    I’ve counted 4 different types of mushrooms growing, one of which is that fancy honeycomb looking shroom the chefs are crazy for. I also have some bizarre fungus that looks like spray foam insulation. It starts orange, goes dark and explodes into some wild dust…It’s like some Donald Sutherland sci-fi movie from the 70’s.

  4. And to think I spent half my life next to a cow field and didn’t know that. Damn! Does dog crap count? I got plenty of that in my backyard.

    Because I most definitely NEED to hallucinate! Experiencing 2017 (or the New Millennium as a whole) even remotely sober is more than I can handle. Hurry the fuck up with your weed legalization, Trudeau!

    1. Sorry cow crap seems to be the only medium…the problem is companies are now putting stuff in cow feed that will kill the spores…the bastards…LOl chuq

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