Closing Thought–16Jun17


I grew up in the South and in those days racism was rampant and leading the way were the Southern Baptist and their use of the Old Testament to justify racism……so when I read a news report I was duly surprised…..

The Southern Baptist Convention has voted to condemn “alt-right” racism—along with every other kind of racism. The denomination, which is holding its annual convention in Phoenix, approved a resolution Wednesday to “denounce and repudiate” racism, “including alt-right white supremacy, as antithetical to the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” NPR reports. The resolution followed the controversial rejection Tuesday of an earlier version that denounced the “retrograde ideologies, xenophobic biases and racial bigotries of the ‘alt-right’ that seek to subvert our government,” reports the AP. Resolutions committee chief Barrett Duke said the original version contained language that was too broad and inflammatory.

The measure passed almost unanimously among the 5,000 in attendance, reports the Arizona Republic. Duke apologized for the confusion about the earlier resolution. It wasn’t “because we don’t share your abhorrence of racism and especially the particularly vicious form of racism that has manifested itself in the alt-right movement,” he told the crowd. William D. McKissic, the African-American pastor who introduced the resolution, says he is pleased with the outcome, but the episode shows that problems will continue until the church denounces the biblical “Curse of Ham” once used to justify slavery. McKissic says he is encouraged by the outcry from Baptists of all races that followed the committee’s rejection of Tuesday’s resolution.

To say that I was surprised after reading this would be an understatement….if finding it an amazing turn…one for the better.

My day has come to an end…..I hope everyone has a good evening and I will look for you tomorrow……peace out…..chuq

9 thoughts on “Closing Thought–16Jun17

  1. I am only mildly surprised, which is mitigated by the simple fact there is no difference between bigotry based on race, or bigotry based on religion, or any other sort of bigotry. The Baptists, like every other damn religion in the world, believe they have the only version of the truth, never even realizing their ‘belief’ is what keeps them from ever being able to see their OWN bigotry….

    gigoid, the dubious


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