Qatar: The War Of Words

Most people know of the problems that are brewing on the Arabian Peninsula between the Saudis and Qatar…right now it is a war of words and diplomatic BS.

I read a horrible story the other day about the poisoning of some Iraqi refugees…..

Iraq’s Health Minister and the UN refugee agency have confirmed that there was a mass food poisoning at the Hasansham U2 camp, located between Mosul and Irbil, and at least one person has died. Health Minister Adila Hamoud said the meal that was served as Iftar affected around 800 people, with at least 300 in critical conditions.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said it was “really concerned” by the events at the camp. Its staff are coordinating with other agencies and authorities to provide swift medical treatment and transport the seriously sick to nearby hospitals.

Source: Iraq: Around 800 people poisoned at refugee camp | Myinforms

I know…what has this got to do with the back and forth between the Saudis and Qatar?

Easy peasy.

Food poisoning at a camp for displaced residents of Mosul has made more than 700 people sick, with hundreds hospitalized, Iraqi officials said Tuesday. The incident at the Hassan Sham U2 camp, about 13 miles east of Mosul, has become part of the ongoing dispute between Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Saudi media accused a Qatari charity of supplying tainted food to the residents of the desert camp. Iraqi Health Minister Adila Hamoud told the AP that 752 people in the camp became ill following a Monday night iftar—the meal breaking the dawn-to-dusk fast by Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan. At least 300 people remain in serious condition, he said. Various reports have put the number of related deaths between zero and three.

Amira Abdulhaliq of the UNHCR said it was unclear when the meals had become contaminated, whether it was during preparation, packaging, transportation, or distribution. “So far, we have received around 800 cases. Around 200 have been transported to the hospitals in Irbil,” she said. Irbil Gov. Nawzad Hadi said the food was prepared in an Irbil restaurant by a local NGO, Ain el Muhtajeen, and funded by a Qatari charity known as RAF. In Saudi Arabia, which has been leading a recent campaign to isolate Qatar, state media quickly seized on the issue with coverage that implied Qatar was poisoning refugees deliberately. The Hassan Sham U2 camp houses thousands who have fled their homes in and around Mosul after a US-backed Iraqi offensive was launched in October to dislodge the Islamic State group.

I see the usual tactic…..grab onto something in the news and turn it into a justification for action…..(and that Irene is how propaganda works)…it was successful in the first Gulf War as well as the return trip to Iraq.

And now more weapons will flow into Saudi Arabia…..

The Senate on Tuesday narrowly turned back a bipartisan bid to rebuke Saudi Arabia and reject President Donald Trump’s plan to sell the kingdom more than $500 million in precision-guided munitions, sparing the new Republican administration an embarrassing defeat.

The vote Tuesday was 53-47, clearing the way for the sale to be finalised. The precision munitions are part of Trump’s proposed $110 billion arms package to Riyadh, which the administration said would create US jobs while also improving a key ally’s military capability.


Where will these weapons be used?  Yemen….Qatar?  This is what happens when your ambassador takes a hike… one there to try and end the posturing.

Maybe this is what was wanted all along……I mean would not be the first time.

2 thoughts on “Qatar: The War Of Words

  1. You are 100% right here, chuq. Whatever happens in the news in that region will be latched onto by one side or the other, and the blame game will continue.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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