Let Your Thumbs Do The Talking

Whip out your thumbs and shoot yourself in the other foot!

Awhile back I wrote that Trump was doing more harm to himself and his admin and I suggested that some of his ardent supporters suggest to him that he should shut up and let event progress….

Of course one of his supporters laid into me all about the 1st amendment…that this was still America and we do have rights….on and on and on…..blah blah blah…….

I then pointed out that I was talking about his screwy obsession with Twitter….that every time he goes on one of his tantrums that he was opening himself open to these legal things swirling around him…..

Well I see no one has grown a set of stones yet for he is at it again…..this time it is about Trump’s “travel ban”….his surrogates run to a podium and explain that he does not mean a “ban” per se….and then he takes to Twitter and craps all over his spokespeople…..

While members of the Trump administration have tried to downplay his immigration executive order as simple vetting to keep the country safe, the president himself doubled down Monday on what he considers the order to be, the Hill reports. In an initial tweet Saturday that has since been criticized for politicizing the London terror attacks, Trump noted we need to be “smart, vigilant and tough” and that we need “the Travel Ban as an extra level of safety!” The Washington Post notes Trump now wants to expedite a Supreme Court hearing on his executive order, which has already been stymied in both its original and revised forms. Trump is apparently disregarding legal issues that may arise from once again using the term “travel ban,” which partly led various US district court judges to halt his plan to keep nationals from six Muslim-majority nations out of the US.

Trump on Monday showed no sign of retreating from this tack, taking to Twitter to reaffirm his belief in his original immigration strategy. “People, the lawyers and the courts can call it whatever they want, but I am calling it what we need and what it is, a TRAVEL BAN!” he tweeted. He also said the Justice Department should be pushing for a “much tougher version” of the ban, not the “watered down, politically correct” version that was put before the Supreme Court. “In any event, we are EXTREME VETTING people coming into the U.S. in order to help keep our country safe,” he tweeted. “The courts are slow and political!” The ACLU alluded over the weekend to the possible legal issues Trump may be conjuring by continuing to throw the “travel ban” phrase around after his team tried to walk it back, noting in a tweet: “Glad we both agree the ban is a ban.”

Someone needs to take his phone and break it in half…….they would be doing him and his policies a favor.

10 thoughts on “Let Your Thumbs Do The Talking

  1. Trump and Twitter has fascinated me, since it all started. You may recall that I thought it was an inspired thing to do. He connected with the voters, using a popular and modern social media that they could understand and relate to. I still believe that it helped him win the election. (And not those Russians…)
    Unfortunately, he didn’t know when to stop, and when too much of a good thing suddenly became an embarrassment. His advisers should tell him. Or maybe it’s them doing the tweeting?
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Electing the Trumpette can be likened to putting a couple ounces of sugar in your gas tank… It will run for a while, but, you will end up with a two-ton paperweight, with an engine good only for scrap. He is having the exact same effect on the government of this country….

    So, don’t worry; this jalopy will be grinding to a halt soon, under its own power, though, not for much longer.

    gigoid, the dubious

  3. As I always say, “Nothing good comes out of The Twit Zone.” Case in point: Donald Trump.

    The Twit Zone is a vile place. It is best described as a place where monkeys (or orangutans) throw feces at each other in an attempt to display their dominance. In the end, other than raising everyone’s blood pressures, the only thing that gets accomplished is that everyone gets covered in shit. In this case, the entire society.

    Trump is the master of this addictive medium that uses, requires and encourages truncated thinking. This instantaneous “communication” format demands & rewards simplistic, minimalist, “thought” from both writer and reader…not too mention nastiness. Only in a culture that communicates using such anti-intellectual formats can a Trump hold the highest office in the land. In so many ways, he is the most representative representative of the real America. A nasty simpleton absolutely convinced what a fucking genius he is.

    Once upon a time, Trump actually was able to communicate in complete, largely coherent, sentences…if not entire paragraphs. Post-Twit Zone, the guy routinely speaks in 1-2 word sentences, if not grunts & sound effects. And it’s nearly always belittling and/or self aggrandizing, usually without cause. And most people love it because that’s largely how they too operate now. This is our corrosive culture at work.

    Thirty 30 years ago, a Trump at his “intellectual peak” couldn’t have gotten elected mayor of Atlantic City. Since then, we’ve collectively slid to the point where he’s President of the USA.

      1. It’s also worth pointing out that you could get your “news deeds” 🙂 delivered to your door every morning in the good ol’ fashioned paper format…as I do. Not only is there a fraction of the fake news, the paper format also gives the increasing amounts of desperate dudes an income, rather than some digital-douchebag living on his private island.

      2. sorry about that “feeds”…I get news from all over the Middle East and would be paying a bunch of money to have it delivered…it is easier to get it in 140 and go from there….chuq

      3. Sorry to drag this on (I got more spare time than usual today) but…

        I never got into “feeds”. Reminds me too much of those anal hummus “feedings” the CIA was handing out to every Middle Easterner they could render. I prefer to search things out myself than get a passive “feeding”. Takes longer, but it tastes better.

        Not to diminish the value of that foreign news, especially inside self-obsessed America where things in The Twit Zone pass as “news”…But remember, that “bunch of money” is what pays those news gatherers to gather real news. (At least here in Canuckistan, the Web-pipe versions still only generate a fraction of revenue that the paper-papers do.) Otherwise, we’d be left to the fake-news crowd who do it out of “Russian patriotism”, or “Russo-American patriotism”, as the case may be.

        Perhaps find the best/widest sourced Middle Eastern paper and spend a smaller bunch. Or, just hang out at the BBC website (or even El Jizza). Sadly, they seem to be the most professional Anglo source of global news. That’s what I do when seeking to get depressed about the non-US world.

        (Note: Sedate Me is technically an ex-minor-league (beer-league -surely?) news gatherer who understands how close nearly all papers are to…”folding”…hehe…So that and my Luddite-ism combine to make me pimp the analogue news every chance I get. Sorry. I’ll shut up now.)

      4. I get as much news as I can and then work it out for myself……the whole story is out there we just have to look for it…..and I try…chuq

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