Why Is the World So Unsettled?

Has Anyone noticed the world becomes more and more unstable with every passing year?

A new conflict pops up almost monthly…..and the US seems to have to throw troops and money at each and everyone…..

There was a time when the world thought things would get better….especially after the fall of the USSR….all antagonism would be lessened.

It just did not work out that way now did it?

U.S. foreign policy is likely to be wracked by crises in the coming years. Yet crises are often symptoms of deeper structural transformations, and the fundamental fact of international politics today is that the post-Cold War era has reached its end. That period was defined by uncontested U.S. and Western primacy, a marked decline in ideological struggle and great-power conflict, and a historically remarkable degree of global cooperation in addressing international disorder. Today, however, the international system has reverted to a more contested state. The core characteristics of the emerging era are the gradual but unmistakable erosion of U.S. and Western primacy, the return of sharp great-power competition across all three key regions of Eurasia, the revival of global ideological struggle, and the empowerment of the agents of international strife and disorder. Moreover, the impact of these forces is magnified by growing uncertainty about whether the traditional defenders of the post-Cold War system will be able and willing to play that role in the future. Dealing with the dangers and dilemmas posed by the new global politics will be a generational task. Yet understanding the basic nature of the age is the critical first step.

Source: Why Is the World So Unsettled? The End of the Post-Cold War Era and the Crisis of Global Order | CSBA

WE need an adequate foreign policy but since we got a new prez we also got a crappy State Department…..seems the prez does not think that diplomacy and foreign policy are important when you have a military that will travel the world looking for a fight.

This will be a disastrous 4 years for our standing in the world…..so bad that it will take a generation for the country to recover.

13 thoughts on “Why Is the World So Unsettled?

  1. Looking back, I think the world has always been unsettled, at least in my lifetime. From Malaya to Cyprus, Kenya to The Congo, Rhodesia to the Spanish Sahara, and Indo-China throughout all of it. At home here we had Union problems, miners’ strikes, power cuts, and riots in the streets. In the US, you had the problems of segregation, civil rights, and the war in Vietnam.
    I have never known a time of real peace.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I understand we have always had presidents that want to spread democracy, etc., but isn’t a lot of our interference caused by NATO ?

  3. I can only agree with Pete’s assessment, as I, too, have spent my life watching conflict after conflict. I have come to the conclusion it is due to the pressure of population, which, unrestrained, (as it is), can only lead to more disturbance, as we stress the resources of our planet, our potential for getting along with our own species, and, simultaneously, become less intelligent on the average.

    None of what we do, as humans, bodes well for our survival as a species, I’m afraid, unless, somehow, we can change human nature sufficiently to keep us from thinking we are able to deny that nature, and its demands upon our rationality… Right now, and for all of the history of which I am aware, our species has consistently refused to embrace rationality, preferring, instead, to indulge in their desires and passions…..

    Frankly, I can see no lessening of the unsettled state; the odds clearly indicate even more chaos to come…

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. Lots more chaos in the next 4 years at least….without diplomats and with a lunatic in charge of the military none bodes well for the US or the rest of the world for that matter. chuq

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  5. I’ve been reading quite a bit about the history of the world, one thing stands out pretty darn clear, war, warfare and false flag deceptions are always a key strategy in plans to secure the status quo in home nations. From securing access to resources to defending currency paradigms, it certainly makes it easier to accomplish such goals if you can sell offense as or under the guise of defense. Where you secure your access to, oil for instance, you are not an invader, but simply on the side of the oppressed “freedom fighters”. Always rushing to the aid of people wanting to “breath free”, bot only those who have some material or strategic resource. It never matters that the new regime is as oppressive/dictatorial as the last one, only that the new regime is now at your beck and call.

    History shows that things that should be done by negotiations and consent, are achievable in the short term by dint of arms, but in the end, this paradigm becomes too costly in the long run, thus it only provides the empire with short term relief. The term of “relief” over time has been growing shorter and shorter, where it could once be measured in decades it now lasts only several years before the unrest rises again.

    Nations that rely on weapons and oppression to sustain themselves all eventually fail as it becomes to costly and burdensome to continue. I think we’re looking at the last gasp of a dying empire, one that did not learn the lessons of history to seek consent to achieve it’s goals and instead was enamored of military coercion.

    1. Thanx for the visit and your thoughts….all true and a good observation and that brings us to today…..this admin will eventually destroy all the work that has been done over the generations…..weapons and war are more important than diplomacy…will not end well…chuq

      1. People talk about Machiavelli, thinking that “the end justifies the means” is his idea. It isn’t, he never used those words, in fact he never even advocated any such idea. What he did was to simply record the actions that various leaders took in various situations and note the outcomes that resulted. He did not pass any judgements. People who like to use his work as cover for their own misdeeds, took to citing him as justification for their actions.

        Those who have actually read his works know that, while negotiating things is much more difficult than simply using force to impose the desired results, the negotiated solutions have an incredibly longer shelf life and are much more durable.

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