Ever Heard Of The Zoot Suit Riot?

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Tomorrow is 03 June and the anniversary of a riot in Los Angeles in 1943 between US military personnel and the Mexican-American community….

What is known as the “Zoot Suit Riots” occurred between the gangs of predominantly black and Mexican youths who were at the forefront of the zoot-suit subculture, and the predominantly white American servicemen stationed along the Pacific coast. On the night of June 3, 1943, eleven sailors on shore leave stated that they were attacked by a group of Mexican pachucos. In response to this, a group of over 200 uniformed sailors chartered 20 cabs and charged into the Mexican American community in East Los Angeles. Any zoot suiter was fair game. On this and the following nights, many a zoot suiters were beaten by this mob and stripped of their clothes, their zoot suits, on the spot. Nine sailors were arrested during these disturbances, not one was charged with any crime. On the following nights of June 4th and 5th, the uniformed servicemen (by this time the sailors had been joined by soldiers and marines) again invaded East Los Angeles, marching abreast down the streets, breaking into bars and theaters, and assaulting anyone in their way. Not one was arrested by the Police or the Sheriff. In fact, the servicemen were portrayed in the local press as heroes stemming the tide of the “Mexican Crime Wave.” During the nights of June 6th and 7th, these scenes were again repeated. Time Magazine later reported that, “The police practice was to accompany the caravans of soldiers and sailors in police cars, watch the beatings and jail the victims.” Police arrested over 600 Chicano youths without cause and labeled the arrests ‘preventive’ action. Los Angelenos cheered on the servicemen and their civilian allies.” Finally, at midnight on June 7th, the military authorities moved to stop the rioting of their personnel, and Los Angeles was declared off limits for all military personnel.

Source: The Zoot Suit Riots

You know something now that was unknown before you started reading…..

That is why I am here…..a conduit to history

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21 thoughts on “Ever Heard Of The Zoot Suit Riot?

  1. I did already know about this, as it was the subject of several artistic expressions during the late 60’s, 70’s, & 80’s. There was a play done about it, (titled ‘Zoot Suit’, by Luis Valdez) & possibly a movie or two, which I forget the titles of… It’s pretty commonly known in the California university system, as it gets brought out again any time there is new tension between the Chicano community & the bigots….

    Another governmental hour of shame….

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. I figured you would know of it…..most Americans have no idea what it was all about….I like making them think….whenever possible….chuq

  2. Having grown up (mostly) around the LA area, I’ve encountered this story before. There are no excuses and should have caused shame and punishment then and cause shame now. ~~dru~~

  3. Jumping from there to today, as I said during the presidential campaign, “Trump IS America” therefore he must become president so that Americans can have a real face to stare back at them from their social mirror, one that doesn’t lie. Maybe a military dictatorship is exactly what is needed to end the farce of democracy in America.

    1. Interesting…I am trying to write a piece about the subject…..I will try a different approach…..will let you know if I make it……LOL chuq

  4. This was an interesting story. It begs a question from me though. If this was in 1943, during WW2, then why were the ‘zoot-suits’ not serving in the armed forces? If they lived in Los Angeles, would they not have been conscripted?
    Regards, Pete.

  5. So all agreed now, military dictatorship then? Time line please? Preparations? So sorry for me for missing the B’day gift. Thanks. (6/20)

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