At 100: Pros And Cons

I cannot enjoy my Saturday until I set things right…..

I gave my take on what I see in Trump’s first 100 days….I am sure that there are supporters of Trump that will see it differently….so to be fair I will give what some others have written…..both pro and con (something you will not see on the Right wing rags)……

We begin with the Pros……..

  • Republican Rep. Brian Babin of Texas enthuses at the Hill that “we’re off to a great start” under Trump, who he says has issued and enacted dozens of executive orders and bills, created 500,000 jobs, and put Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court. “We are moving in a strikingly different direction than the malaise days of the Obama era,” he says.
  • With this Trump presidency we’ve experienced a “sea change,” Hugh Hewitt writes for the Washington Post, adding that conservatives should break out the bubbly. Hewitt concedes there were initial “fumbles,” “stumbles,” and “a jumble of ups and downs,” but he says Trump has since found his footing, especially after Gorsuch, the strike on Syria, and dropping the “mother of all bombs” on Afghanistan. “Just imagine what the next three and two-thirds years can bring,” Hewitt writes.
  • “A rousing success” is how Justin Haskins and H. Sterling Burnett describe the first 100 days for Trump in the Sun-Sentinel. They tout reforms Trump has jump-started to “reignite the American economic engine,” as well as the sharp decline in illegal immigrants coming into the US since he took office—a “wildly successful” presidency so far.
  • On the Americans for Tax Reform site, Justin Sykes praises Trump’s first months as a “boon for US energy,” listing the 10 executive orders Trump has already signed that “will boost US energy independence and growth.”
  • Fortune lists the seven economic promises it says the president has kept, including pulling out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal and getting rid of obstacles to the Keystone XL pipeline.
  • Eli Lake writes that Trump has disproved the “Russian stooge” and “fascist” labels that have been hurled his way, noting at Bloomberg View that the president has begrudgingly adhered to court decisions (even if he has insulted them) and that “US-Russian relations are cratering.” “Slowly but surely, he has begun to resemble something less menacing and more normal than his foes predicted,” he writes.
  • Sarah Palin wouldn’t give a letter grade to Trump during a Breitbart interview Thursday, but she did offer he’s doing “very well.” She also told conservatives who may still have their doubts to “keep doing your ABCs”—i.e., remind themselves that the mission for this presidency was “Anybody But Clinton.”
  • One of the most glowing reviews of all sees little to no need for improvement, and it comes courtesy of Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs. On Fox Thursday, Dobbs said Trump has “worked his tail off” and called his performance “pretty close to perfect.” Hannity nodded: “Everything he could do on his own he’s doing.”

And now for what the critics have to say….the Cons…….

  • Daylin Leach at the Sun-Sentinel says we should count our blessings Trump has been as ineffective as he has because the small amount he has accomplished has “ranged from the very bad to the truly horrific.”
  • The Washington Post says Trump’s presidency has gone well for one group—late-night comedians—and rounds up some of the best jokes from the first 100 days, including this one from Stephen Colbert: “How could Trump blow the honeymoon? He’s had three of them.”
  • While “the Trump administration has engaged in a stunning display of ham-fisted, tone-deaf, and downright incomprehensible policy maneuvers” so far, John Feffer at Foreign Policy in Focus says it could get much worse—think North Korea.
  • Philip Carter at Slate says Trump has spent his first 100 days making America less secure by lacking a clear foreign policy or a staff to implement that policy. “Until the situation improves, we will all be consigned to living in a state of national insecurity.”
  • Even Trump’s supporters should be upset with his early presidency—because it bears so much resemblance to the one that came before it, Yochi Dreazen at Vox says. “From North Korea to China to NATO, Trump has talked about jettisoning the Obama administration’s foreign policy and replacing it with something far more aggressive. … He hasn’t done so.”
  • Despite being a weak president, “Trump has managed to wreak considerable destruction on both the stature of the American presidency, its credibility and its influence, and the course of US policy at home and abroad,” including his one major accomplishment: putting Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, the San Francisco Chronicle argues.

What is your take on how Trump has done?

Me?  I gave him an “F” in my previous post………

Can we predict what will happen in the Trump admin from this point on?

Not by what Trump says.  He changes his mind more than a kid in a candy store.  But if we would like to find what is in the future then I say look to his major advisers…..they will set the pace and the outcome…..

Now time to back off and go to the garden for breakfast…..have a day my friends…..see ya tomorrow….chuq

27 thoughts on “At 100: Pros And Cons

  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Reblogging so readers can ‘hear’ the other side’s opinion. IMHO … I don’t understand their view of reality!
    His first 100 days? Worse than his hairstyle! 😳

  2. Hi, dear friend … you are a better person than me. I’m not able to even consider/believe the opinions of those ‘pro’ … good post. 👍🏽

    1. Me either but I do try to be fair and balanced whenever I can….I have a post for Monday on whether he makes 4 years or not….might be a good one….hugz….chuq

  3. Nice to see you gritting your teeth and putting the other viewpoint, chuq.
    From where I sit, he is pretty much an American president. Nothing has changed much that I can see, and I don’t reckon he’s as crazy as everyone thinks. Most of the mad promises are still waiting to be kept, and the wars continue in Afghanistan and Syria, as well as potential wars everywhere else.
    The main difference I can see it that he ‘takes it personally’. He is prepared to confront and name-call in a way that Obama never did. But I don’t doubt that Obama would have not been much different, behind closed doors. Just a ‘foreigner’s’ view!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. It is a good point you make….I think that he is starting to listen to the war hawks around him…..otherwise he would be in the dark…..chuq

  4. So far, at least, he hasn’t blown the world up! As someone is is somewhat up on the issues, I would love to encounter a supporter of D. Trumpet, who has a even a clue as to why they still support him.

    Yesterday, he said that he did ‘t realize that “the job” would be so hard. Really? And then, two weeks ago, he said “Who knew that health care would be so difficult.” Well Donald, you should have just stayed in NYC, rather than make life even harder for the rest of us!

    And as far as health care, there already was an Affordable Health Care Plan in place–one which many of your supporters like just fin. But, as you act-out your racist disregard for a compare naive and affordable play, you are hell-bent on eliminating anything hat your predecessor, President Barach Hussein Obama had accomplished.

    You seem to be acting-up, like the vindictive schoolyard bully that you are; but, in this case, you have wondered into the wrong schoolyard–the one where the Big Boys play.

    So far, Donald, you are making Alec Baldwin seem like a shoe-in for President–more and more each day.

    And as for me,I’ve joined a DJT Twelve-Step Program–just taking one day at a time. Unfortunately, to paraphrase Sir Winston Churchill’s famous words, ro Lady Astor: Tomorrow, Donald, I’ll be sober, but you will still be dangerous, ignorant and obnoxious!,

  5. Well he may be the President of the people and for the people but I’m not one of the people. I think it will take time to really tell if he is effective. I do believe he has mellowed out some but that irritating quirk of insanity keeps rearing its ugly head. Basically, I’m sad but I must admit the Zestimate on my home has risen but that basically means the bank gets more of my house in foreclosure. ~~dru~~

  6. I don’t know, is it me? It seems those against Trump don’t have any specifics to rant about – they just proceed with name-calling.

    1. I think I have given my reasons for why I think he is a dud….but others may not….but you are right most just call names the same ones that did the same to Obama and Bush before…..chuq

      1. I dislike using insults but some times it is the only way to get someone to listen and/or react…..unfortunately our president has no problem being insulting and some just follow suit.

  7. and there is little doubt here that he will get an “F” in all future posts as well. Nothing to see here. Moving on now…

    1. Not necessarily so…I have found some issues that I like…he would have got a better grade if he had not put out a strong “will do” contract… cannot move on….we still have 3 years and 9 months….don’t go too far

      1. I lived through Bush and Obama and I guess I can make it through this one too. I wonder if America will ever be content with anyone who is dumb enough to run for the Presidency and actually take the job on?

  8. Well… “F” from me, but likely no surprise there given my posts about this guy. Donald pretty much summed it all up in that recent Reuters interview… he had no idea how difficult being the president would be… no idea how complex and sprawling the government is… prefer his old job as CEO.
    I mean, jeez… what planet did this clown beam down from anyway? This was so transparent about him long ago. Yet like so many lemmings, misguided people voted for him.
    I hope they get this Russian relationship and hacking nailed down so we can get on with impeachment. I hate wishing for that because the internal fight doesn’t do the nation any good but I would much rather have Pence running the show until the term is up; Pence would be an acceptable “place holder” until the next election.

  9. After all these words on a subject which, in at least one sense, if not all, exists only in the human mind, and human sphere of existence we call culture, or society, I can only smile, sadly, & be glad ‘the word is not the thing.’ Only we humans act as if it is….

    gigoid, the dubious

  10. I reiterate that a successful President unites or at least attempts to unite all Americans. Clearly he is close to James Buchanan as one of our most ineffective Presidents to date.

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