Syria: Another Regime Change?

Since the gas attack and the subsequent missile attack the chants of “Assad must go” have amplified….and the ever popular….”Assad’s days are numbered”…these are nothing more than cute slogans and one liners…..

I tried to give my reader my take on what “regime change” would look like for Syria…….

Source: What’s The Syrian Endgame? – In Saner Thought

Let’s say that we have success with a Syrian regime change….(wait!  I need to stop laughing)…..really….what are the options that the “leaders” are considering for this mythical regime change?

Beyond the narrow justification of these strikes as being necessary to reinforce an eroding international norm against the use of chemical weapons, this U.S. military intervention has resurfaced questions concerning the ultimate strategy that the Trump Administration is pursuing in Syria.  Before the strikes, senior administration officials including Secretary of State (SecState) Rex Tillerson and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Halley suggested that U.S. policy would abandon even the pretense of President Barack Obama’s objective of ousting Assad from power in Damascus[3].  However, in the aftermath of the strikes, the Trump Administration signaled an apparent about-face as National Security Advisor (NSA) Herbert Raymond “H. R.” McMaster declared that U.S. policy in Syria would “simultaneously” pursue the twin goals of destroying the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and removing Assad[4].  While the fight against ISIS is making significant progress, the administration has not yet articulated a detailed strategy for pursuing the ouster of Assad.  There are two broad options available:

Source: U.S. Options for Regime Change in Syria | RealClearDefense

Sorry but I may offer an opinion neither of these two options will hold the key to a successful regime change.

Look at Iraq…..that alone should deter these toads from either of the two options….In the post referenced above from IST I set forth what the future of Syria will look like.

I wish I could be more optimistic, you see I have lived in Syria many years ago and I liked the country and the people, there is not much left in the country for a successful transition to democracy.

I am positive that Syria can bounce back from this Hell….but not so with the way the US is approaching the problem…..and for now that is all there is….


6 thoughts on “Syria: Another Regime Change?

  1. Hey just to tell you I am that really confused aspie from way back… Now anyway there’s a way to sort this out. It is called letting the Kurdish sort it out. Hillary Clinton suggested that as a strategy and now Trump won’t do it due to his head is so far up his ass he is doing an inception. You know like how we are going after North Korea next due to we are going in alphabetical order and Trump was high on the day they taught that.

  2. Lebanon had some success as a “democracy” before their civil war – Syria has not since the Assads took over. A cease fire with some sort of oversight and five years of not killing each other and they might sort things out.

    1. You are right about Lebanon….I know a couple of Syrian expats that could fill the void but they are leery about returning even if the shooting stops….chuq

  3. I have no idea anymore who might be acceptable to the Syrian people as a leader. For that matter, are the Syrians still one people? After all these years of civil war, will any side readily accept a solution put forward by the other? I fear it is all too little, too late, for Syria.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I know of a couple but they are smart enough to stay out until they are needed…..and it is like Iraq…many ethnic groups all wanting their own “homeland”….not going to happen as things are today….chuq

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