A clever title….wish I had thought of it……

Yes the US has attacked a Syrian airfield in retaliation for the alleged use of CWs by Assad in his own country against Syrian civilians.

Our president was outraged at the barbaric attack by a sitting government against his people.  Apparently he does not watch much international news for this, while despicable, was a minor use of CWs compared to some of the other stuff he has been accused of doing.

So why now?

One explanation is that he is a creature of television and learning about atrocities and injustice via the boob tube had a profound effect upon his thinking, and I use that term advisedly.

The scenes of human carnage should sicken us all, regardless of whether they are in Syria, Rwanda, Vietnam or Chicago. Man’s inhumanity to man is not acceptable under any condition and it is our collective responsibility to exhaust any and all remedies to alleviate human suffering. No one with a conscience, a soul, or even the hint of compassion and empathy is not reviled by the atrocity that occurred at the hands of the murderous Syrian dictator either this time or the last time or the times before that he unleashed chemical weapons upon his people.

Source: Syriasly? – LA Progressive

I mean this humanitarian gesture is NOTHING new….each president has had a moment of outrage to justify some sort of action.

But this action by Trump was more a message to the world than some noble cause to right a wrong… it will help change the dialog in the news…..


4 thoughts on “Syriasly?

  1. Congress needs to step in now more than ever though. Trump has discovered how easily he can issue an order and rain missiles down on some “bad hombres” in retaliation to a thinly veiled threat to our national security. Scary to think that a misinformed president may have an itchy trigger finger now.

  2. It has been estimated that coalition air strikes against ISIS positions in recent days have probably killed more children that the alleged gas attack. But if we are doing it, then that’s OK?
    I despair at times…
    Regards, Pete.

    1. No one wants to mention the amount of civilians especially kids that the US and its buddies have killed….but Assad is the prick for doing so…..funny how that works….chuq

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