Closing Thought–13Apr17

They say that “war is the way Americans learn geography”……

I have found in my teaching gigs that the statement is pretty damn accurate.  I had one freshman that did not know the Spain was below France separated by the Pyrenees Mountains……and another that located Vietnam on a blank map in Central Asia…..most did not know the conflict between Palestine and Israel…they could locate Israel but Palestine threw them a curve.  And they are at college level geography…..scary how uninformed our young are these days.

 To illustrate my point……

In 2014, following the Russian invasion of Crimea, The Washington Post published the results of a poll that asked Americans about whether the United States should intervene militarily in Ukraine. Only one in six could identify Ukraine on a map; the median response was off by about 1,800 miles. But this lack of knowledge did not stop people from expressing pointed views. In fact, the respondents favored intervention in direct proportion to their ignorance. Put another way, the people who thought Ukraine was located in Latin America or Australia were the most enthusiastic about using military force there. 

The following year, Public Policy Polling asked a broad sample of Democratic and Republican primary voters whether they would support bombing Agrabah. Nearly a third of Republican respondents said they would, versus 13 percent who opposed the idea. Democratic preferences were roughly reversed; 36 percent were opposed, and 19 percent were in favor. Agrabah doesn’t exist. It’s the fictional country in the 1992 Disney film Aladdin. Liberals crowed that the poll showed Republicans’ aggressive tendencies. Conservatives countered that it showed Democrats’ reflexive pacifism. Experts in national security couldn’t fail to notice that 43 percent of Republicans and 55 percent of Democrats polled had an actual, defined view on bombing a place in a cartoon.

Yeah let’s ignore education and worry about some damn wall…..

That is it……my day has come to a slow end…back with you guys tomorrow…..chuq


9 thoughts on “Closing Thought–13Apr17

  1. I’m somewhat sad to say but you describe me. Even with my own country but at least I can get a little closer than to the Ukraine. Really that I’m even aware of the conflicts is good enough for me.
    ~~Getting a D in your class, dru~~

    1. I would give you a C-…at least you admit the shortcoming most do not….and a willingness to learn…and that is why I am here…LOL chuq

  2. Yes.. and back when Leno did his Jaywalker segments I was always yelling at the stupid blonde bimbos who didn’t know where anything was at. 🙂
    In fact.. two old posts of mine from a while back on just this subject.

  3. I may have mentioned this before. (or on Doug’s Boomerrants)

    During the US election last year, a BBC team interviewed voters in Chicago. It was not a representative sample, just ten ordinary people outside a shopping mall. They showed them a blank map of the USA, and asked them to point out three states on it. Illinois, Florida, and Texas.
    Half got Texas right, and seven got Florida correct.

    Only three got Illinois, and yet everyone lived in Chicago. Hmm.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. When I was growing up in Chicago we’d challenge ourselves further by trying to recognize the shapes of city metropolitan areas around the country. Now THAT is tricky.

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