The Army Needs An Urban Warfare School

As an analyst and teacher on conflicts around the globe…I have seen our army fight the good fight….massive amounts of men and equipment racing across a desert on the way to victory.

Makes for impressive History Channel shows but in these days of terrorism and fighting for every inch of territory the military needs to be well trained in urban combat.  Look at Mosul the fight is from street to street and house to house……the tactics of an conventional war are useless in the urban setting.

I recently read a good report on what is needed by our military to deal with the battlefront of today’s wars……….

Train as you fight. It’s the first of the Army’s ten principles of training, meant to ensure that the Army will develop and execute tough, realistic training. As long as we train as we fight, no soldier should confront a situation or an environment for the first time in combat. Unfortunately, the Army occasionally ignores this principle. Case in point: despite history and global urbanization trends, the Army doesn’t adequately train for operations in urban environments.  It is time that changed.  The Army needs to establish an urban warfare school to prepare soldiers to fight and survive in dense urban terrain.

The chief of staff of Army, Gen. Mark Milley, recent detailed his thoughts on urban warfare at the annual AUSA conference, stating that the future battlefield “will almost certainly be in dense urban terrain” and that in the future the Army will have to “optimize for urban combat.”  He described the urban environment’s “huge implications” on intelligence collection, vehicles and weapons, target discrimination, and maneuver, and concluded ominously: “Army forces operating in complex, densely populated urban terrain in dense urban areas is the toughest and bloodiest form of combat and it will become the norm, not the exception in the future.”

Source: The Army Needs an Urban Warfare School and It Needs It Soon | RealClearDefense

Our military needs to adapt…the fields of combat are changing and we need to be the best we can be in all of them.  Learning as they go is not the best way to fight these types of conflict.


12 thoughts on “The Army Needs An Urban Warfare School

    1. On the drones I would say no….too easy for wrongful deaths….on the draft…totally agree…not a popular stand but it is needed…..chuq

  1. It’s not as if we don’t have many previous examples to learn from. Street fighting was a feature of many later battles in WW2, such as Stalingrad, Berlin, Rangoon, and Manila. Then there was Hue, and other battles in cities during the 1968 Tet offensive. I have no doubt that there must be a huge store of information available about fighting in such environments. From what I have seen of Mosul, not much has changed, since the 1940s.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. There is but the “planners” seem to like large scale attacks and engagements and then learn as they go from there…..not a winning strategy….have a good Monday my friend….chuq

  2. I have been preaching this exact thing for the last two decades, chuq. It’s nice to have an MA1 Abrams tank sitting around “just in case” there”s some open battlefield situation, but by and large it’s urban warfare that’s part of our future because an ideological enemy would be foolish to engage the Western powers in the open desert when they can be hugely effective fighting urban guerrilla operations. On the other hand, when the battle is about taking over a country, ala Desert Storm, there is still a fair amount of charging across the open desert and blowing up the other guy’s armor along the way. But because we are so technologically superior on the open battlefield that kind of operation would take about “20 minutes”, before we are back into urban operations again.

    1. You think we would have a good plan after we were caught with our drawers down in Hue…but nope we still think that an all out frontal assault is the answer…..silly….chuq

      1. Hue, Tet.. all with our pants down. “light at the end of the tunnel”
        Some shit never changes, chuq.

  3. After the decades of war in or on the doorstep of urban settings, I thought we would’ve had an urban combat school years ago. We still don’t have one? Sheesh! I figured we did by now…how the hell are they training these troops for realistic combat, then?

    1. Good question! Look at the money spent it is for better planes, tanks and etc…..the soldier needs better training and more accurate training…..chuq

    2. Off topic…I need to apologize for one of your comments has disappeared…..I must have hit a wrong button or something….again I am sorry and I will try to be more careful in the future…..chuq

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