“America First’s” First Crack

WE are in the middle of the anniversary of World War One….although the US had a minor role in the conflict it still amazes me that it is not more important to Americans….I mean it is the war that created the world we live in today.

Even the History Channels in the US seems to avoid this conflict at all time…seldom is a mention of the war….a conflict that cost 53,402 American soldiers their lives…..and yet there is little mention of the conflict.

The modern world was created with the start of this war……and situations then are similar to situations now…….

In April 1917, Woodrow Wilson cast off the political yoke of neutrality and took the United States into World War I. But this is no ordinary centenary: the realization of Wilson’s vision of a US-led international order is raising many of the same questions today that it raised then.

The questions surrounding events between April 1917 and April 1919 – from America’s entry into World War I until the proclamation of the Covenant of the League of Nations – are much the same questions we face today, as we begin to mark those events’ centenaries. They are questions concerning the relevance of liberal internationalism for the future, and they become more poignant with each passing day of Donald Trump’s presidency in the United States.

Fascism died with World War II in 1945 (though in many places it survives in mutated forms), just as communism died as a living ideology with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. So will we now witness at the hands of the Trump administration the end of a framework that outlasted both of the twentieth century’s main totalitarian systems and brought relative order to a violent and chaotic world? If so, it is likely to be the result of issues much like those that shaped the rise of liberal internationalism a century ago.

Source: “America First’s” First Crack-Up by Tony Smith – Project Syndicate

Since I have studied conflicts and war for many years I have taken it upon myself to educate and inform my readers about the war and its consequences.

I may be farting in a wind storm but I feel that this part of history should not be ignored…..or forgotten.


9 thoughts on ““America First’s” First Crack

  1. You repeatedly count off the amount of wars we are in and now you say that, “the end of a framework that outlasted both of the twentieth century’s main totalitarian systems and brought relative order to a violent and chaotic world?” What order? We went from huge wars down to mini-multiple wars?

  2. WW1 should continue to be remembered because of the senseless reasons it was fought over, and the way that troops were sent like cattle to be slaughtered at the whim of useless generals using outdated tactics. As the old saying goes, ‘Those that ignore history are condemned to repeat it’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. It took me quite a while to find the proper pearls for this…. Everybody is aware of what Santayana said about those who do not study history, so, I didn’t want to belabor that simple explanatory point. But, these will do as well….

    “Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so.” — Douglas Adams, Last Chance to See

    and, this:

    “Humans hardly ever learn from the experience of others. They learn – when they do, which isn’t often – on their own, the hard way.” — Robert Heinlein, Time Enough for Love

    Since all of them are true, it’s not hard to understand why things are the way they are, is it?….

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. Thanx for your visit and your kind words….I shall visit your site as soon as I can…like about now…LOL Have a good Saturday….chuq

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