Losing My Respect

We all have heard about the raid in Yemen just after Mr. Trump took the reins of power….some say it was botched…others claim it was a success….but that does not matter who is right…what matters is the one SEAL was killed and 8 others were wounded in this raid….

I understand that these types to raids are dangerous and the outcome is seldom a given…..but some news has come out and if true is very disturbing……

President Trump’s Twitter trail has raised questions about his precise whereabouts inside the White House while the U.S. raid in Yemen that resulted in the death of a Navy SEAL was underway.

On the night of the raid, which targeted a top Al Qaeda leader in the Arabian Peninsula leader in Yemen, Trump sent out a tweet about an upcoming media appearance.

‘I will be interviewed by @TheBrodyFile on tonight at 11pm. Enjoy!’ Trump wrote on January 28. The tweet got taken down about 20 minutes later.

The tweet went out as the Yemen operation – the first military strike Trump ordered as president – was underway the Huffington Post reported.

Some say that it was a member of his staff that Tweeted…I hope so……

Trump was on the White House grounds that night, inside the residence – which would place him away from the Situation Room.

‘He was obviously aware of the strike occurring,’ White House press secretary Sean Spicer following the raid. ‘He was kept in constant contact Saturday night of the status of the mission, both of the success that it had and the tragic loss of life that occurred to that member.’

If true, please notice that I typed “IF”) then why was he NOT in the Situation Room…..that is the least he could do when sending troops to do our dirty work.


13 thoughts on “Losing My Respect

  1. I would rather he stay far from any situation room and allow those who might have an idea of what’s going on carry out the strategy. Well I guess I just gave away my stance.

  2. Losing your respect…where ever did you find any to begin with? I don’t doubt for a second he was busy twittering away as “his” mission was carried out. The idea that he has enough knowledge to have a mission is ludicrous. I wonder whose mission it was.

  3. He couldn’t have sent that tweet, it’s formed in a complete sentence. We all know he’s not a fan of complete sentences and to my knowledge, has never had one in his life.

  4. I cannot even see the sense of that mission in the first place. So I can only conclude that if it had been a great success, then the administration would have been able to crow about it. Was that the only reason the attack was mounted? if so, it is shameful to play with soldier’s lives in this fashion.
    Regards, Pete.

  5. I would say, since over the course of his entire life, most of it in the public eye, at his insistence, has provided us with overwhelming evidence he is genetically incapable of telling the truth, it really matters not at all what he said he was doing, or who else said something about it, for none of it will approach the truth closer than a mile or two…. which leads me to applaud Heartafire’s observational query, to wit: where did you find a reason to respect him at all? There isn’t any room for ‘benefit of the doubt, as he has proven his intransigence far too often to gainsay his insanity.

    He cares no more for the troops than he does for Melania; that is to say, not at all. As a narcissist, nobody else in the world really has any importance to him; every decision he makes is to benefit his own image of himself, which is, clearly, not just insane, but, actively psychotic….

    I had my fill of actively psychotic personalities in the 11 and a half years I spent working with the floridly insane; I really don’t care, at all, what he says, or does; I already know it won’t brush up against reality enough to leave any traces.

    gigoid, the dubious

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