The Revolution Will Be Televised!

Another lazy Sunday….and my internet connection has sucked for a couple days….maintenance and such…at least that is the excuse we get…..and I apologize for not being as visible as I normally am…..I am hoping that all this connectivity problems will be sorted out by Monday…..

Let’s do what I always do……Why not look at history for a moment?

Back in the 1700’s the US Colonies decided to take action when one of life’s little pleasures were chosen to be taxed….the TEA.

Some 200+ years later……

So today we are told that bacon will be scarce and more expensive…..Trump was elected president and now word has come out that the government is once again attempting to tax a small pleasure in the people’s lives……COFFEE!

Nearly 250 years after the Boston Tea Party, we could have a Salem Coffee Party on our hands. The Oregon Legislature is weighing a tax of 5 cents per pound on wholesale coffee, including coffee beans and ground coffee. KOIN reports that no revenue projection was given in House Bill 2875, but the Willamette Week’s math suggests it could bring in about $2 million a year. (The state’s budget gap stands at $1.8 billion.) The money would be earmarked for the Oregon National Guard Youth Challenge Program, alternative high school programs, and primary school reading programs.

Willamette Week sees a disconnect there, reporting that lawmakers typically try to “establish a clear connection” between the tax and what the revenue will do, like property taxes paid by homeowners covering fire services. “The relationship between coffee consumption and alternative education is less clear,” it writes. That said, the bill will go into effect on July 1, 2018, if it receives a three-fifths majority in the state House and Senate. A rep for House Republicans says “a tax on coffee is clearly not a proposal Oregonians would support, and we hope Democrats will disavow it just as quickly as they introduced it.”

Dammit!  Seriously?

Enough is enough!  Time for the American people to do what they do best….start a goddamn revolution!  Let this be the first “shot” fired!  Long live the revolution!

More coffee!  Time to say bye for the day my friends…enjoy your weekend and see you tomorrow with more stuff….chuq


15 thoughts on “The Revolution Will Be Televised!

  1. I’ve got to agree; if they start fucking with my coffee, then I’ll get serious about objecting to any more taxes, none of which I see a need for… We already are taxed beyond bearing, & the issue is becoming as irritating as a burr under a saddle to a horse. I say it’s time to throw off the saddle altogether. I don’t think the founding fathers had any vision of taxes becoming the burden they already are; we pay more than a hundred and fifty taxes on various parts of our lives, none of which were asked for, or, to my mind, justified by ANY reason other than corporate and political greed….

    It is far past time for a revolution in this country, an attitude Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Ben Franklin, and a number of others would applaud, loudly….

    Have a quiet Sunday, otherwise, my friend….

    gigoid, the dubious

      1. LOL! It takes a special kind of stupid to try to take away stuff like coffee & bacon… But, then, it turns out, our current president can’t read anyway, or, barely, if at all, & probably didn’t realize what he did.. thought it said something else… I don’t think it’ll take much longer until the only sound we hear is people snapping…

        *grin* Can’t wait….


      2. Gotta say, I’m not surprised much…If you recall, I once said he’d get aced, or, at minimum, de-legitimized & made a fool/pariah by the insane oligarchs, but, it’s clear they’re just letting him do it to himself, as it becomes clearer by the day how truly shallow & deceitful he is. He’s the poster boy for ‘stupid is as it does’, & all because his ego is bigger than his IQ…

  2. Storm the Winter Palace and make sure you are financially able to purchase a proper coffee and all the problems go away. Open up the Gulags, trot out the Red Guard and we will all live happily ever after through all the purges yet to come. Hallelieujah!

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