Closing Thought–27Dec16

Today I celebrate my 10th anniversary of blogging.

Ten years ago today I started my blog as a way to fight the depression that I was falling into after badly screwing up my right leg after a fall…..I had learned that I would no longer be able to work that took physical exercise since my leg was only about 70% and painful all the time……so I was put out to pasture as they say…..

In the 10 years I have made some amazing friends here on IST…..I been able to get 1900+ followers and an outlet for my opinionated ass.  In these years I have made few adjustments to this blog….name changes and series that just did not generate much interest…..for the most part….what you see is what you get.

This short post is to say thank you for all the people that have chosen to visit and to comment on IST… me it is a success maybe not by some people’s definition of the word….but to me it has been an amazing trip…

I hope to continue for as long as I can and hope all my followers will stick with me and help me make this even more successful……and a great journey.

Thank you, my friends.


13 thoughts on “Closing Thought–27Dec16

  1. Ya won’t get me to unstick!
    I am into my 5th year on Twitter & dare I say this last few months have been the worst in tweeting alternative news…..& online friends being suspended….still we are fighting back & with more support all the time…so don’t give up….I confess I find it depressing at times…but that goes with the news i am lies & blood baths….a slow business in waking people up! Will we ever?
    take it easy chuq
    and thanks for your imput….much appreciated.

  2. Jesus,I can’t even get into my email account…until I start all over again….sign in sign in new password..again…my patience is being tested.. 😦

    1. Something happened in your blog settings. You need to go in there and look carefully. Check to see if somehow cookies are disabled. If they are, you’ll be signing in forever. You need to “allow” and “allow” and… Google controls everything and if you don’t “allow” Big Brother to run your WordPress account, it won’t run properly.

      1. Thanx….it is not my wish to allow controlling bastards..however in this case I will make an exception. ggrrrrr 😉

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