“It Costs How Much”?

I have spent most of the time here on this blog, IST, bitching about the waste of money by the government and the costs of all the wars we seem to want to fight.  My hope was people would see what I was saying and start demanding that their be my accountability by our elected governments, no matter which thief is elected….

A story is developing around the NDAA….that magic piece of legislation that makes our defense contractors rich by no amount of imagination….speaking of the cost of a pint of American blood or a pound of flesh…..

Congress wants every taxpayer to know just how much of their money went to wars over the last 15 years. Tucked into the annual defense authorization bill — expected to become law in coming days — is a provision requiring the Defense Secretary and Internal Revenue Service Commissioner  to post online all of the costs, “including the relevant legacy costs, to each American taxpayer of each of the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.” –Military Times 

There is more……..

How much has the US spent on war since 9/11? That’s been a matter of major debate, with no real official figures on the matter, and estimates varying wildly from low-end reports on the cost of the literal deployments to much larger all-in figures covering the war and aftermath.

We’re going to finally get an official figure at some point soon, however, as the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) has been revealed to include a provision requiring the Pentagon and the IRS to both figure out the overall cost of the wars and make that figure publicly available.

Like most NDAAs, the 3,000+ page 2017 version includes a massive number of requirements which were neither publicized before the fact, or indeed widely known once the bill had passed, with analysts still digging through it and finding new details.

Congressional estimates have put the Iraq and Afghan wars at $800 billion and $700 billion, respectively, while some analysts have suggested that once the costs for medical care for the massive number of wounded is factored in, the cost could be many trillions of dollars. The Pentagon and IRS may be in a better position to know for sure, and the pressure is certainly going to be on with this legislation for them to come clean about the matter.


I will wait to see how far this goes…..I m not liking the chances that it will become known to us mere mortals anytime soon….that is unless we find another whistle-blower that will sack up and turn the info out.

One last thought…….


14 thoughts on ““It Costs How Much”?

  1. I have as suggestion and I think it would benefit everybody if anybody will listen and get something done about it.

    It looks to me like “War” has become a profitable industry in The United States so why not offer the General Public the option of purchasing a modern day version of the old “War Bond” and let people invest whatever money they want to invest in the war bonds and then collect the interest when they cash the bonds in? I imagine such an arrangement could be created where the dividends are at least as good as on Mutual Funds so … win win for everybody. The government gets money to wage wars and the investors get a profit on their bonds at maturity. How about it, folks?

    1. At least we’d have a chance at a return on our tax investments. War has been an always will be profitable for America. It always has been but we as humans need to find another source of income. Maybe we could start with increasing renewables so we aren’t declaring war on Countries who have Oil.

      1. If I may butt in…..it is the pursuit of profit that is the motivator….greed is always a good motivator…no matter if it is oil or cattle….hope all had a good New Years….chuq

      2. Thanx that comment was between you and another so I just wanted to be polite….hope you had a good New Years my friend…..chuq

  2. Has no one ever heard of the ‘bait and switch’? Stop. Think. 1. You accept, by tacit agreement, it’s okay to wage war. Thus, why not ‘take advantage’ of that, by making our own profit on it? Hmm. 2. You give your money to the government, (?), for a relatively short term, small return at a much later date. 3. The money you give them already belongs to someone else, who uses it, and the profit from the war they’re able to wage, (with your share of your (?) money), to pay off the minuscule interest to the ‘investors’, while using the profits from all of it to manipulate the government into more wars.4. By the time you cash in your bond, (thus reinforcing your tacit agreement, often known as a bribe…), your money is worth less, eliminating any true profit.

    I won’t go into the karmic/moral implications of supporting war at all. I’m too busy suppressing my urges to sell off the bridges I own in Brooklyn.

    gigoid, the dubious

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