Will China Retaliate?

The phone call heard around the world.

Just after Trump was called the winner he received a call from the Pres. of Taiwan…..and I wrote about this turn at the time….

Source: “China-Gate” – In Saner Thought

I thought  then that the media was making more of this report than needed to be…but as the story unfolded there seem to be more to the report than first reported and of course being an opinionated SOB I had to write something again…….

Source: The Dangerous Folly of Provoking China – In Saner Thought

After the initial report and the situation developing I wrote an op-ed for my good friends at Ace News Room helping to explain the idea of a “One China” policy………..

Since Trump made his now famous Taiwan call or was it the other way around? Any way there has been lots of back and forth by his supporters on whether it is good or excellent that he bucked Mainland China in favor of Taiwan….

The first problem is that too many have NO idea what the “One China” policy is all about…..so I took it upon myself to educate those that would like to know and the others will yes nod approval anything this person does……

Source: The “One China” Policy | Ace News Room

This story has snowballed into a major foreign policy challenge for the new president……some are starting to fear that China, with no sense of humor, will retaliate for this slight…..

American businesses seem concerned they could be subject to Chinese retaliation for the recent pro-Taiwan moves of President-elect Donald Trump.

And there is reason for apprehension. On December 2, Trump took a call from Taiwan’s leader, Tsai Ing-wen. The Trump staff summary of the conversation reports the president-elect called Tsai “President of Taiwan,” suggesting he considered the island a sovereign state, a position anathema to Beijing.

Moreover, on Sunday in comments to Chris Wallace of Fox News, Trump questioned whether he was bound by America’s One-China policy, thought to be the foundation upon which relations have developed since 1979 when Washington broke off formal relations with Taipei.

Source: Will China Retaliate Over Trump’s Taiwan Moves? | World Affairs Journal

Of course all this is speculation….we will not know the answer to this problem until 20Jan17….will Trump find a way to soothe the mad beast?


3 thoughts on “Will China Retaliate?

  1. I don’t try to follow the ins and outs of most of the political issues that arise these days, because they’re all, in the final analysis, just a matter of whose money is threatened by almost any particular situation. It is entirely possible none of the scenarios any news organization is reporting on, or considering, is the actual truth of what is going on behind scenes, where no one but those involved have a “need to know”… in their eyes.

    Just more money wars disguised as politics.

    gigoid, the dubious

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