Closing Thought–22Dec16

School is out and a visit from my granddaughter….our conversation rolled around to school and education…..she asked a billion question about my time in school and we compared notes…

She then asked me why some people seem to disparage people that are educated…..a damn good question…..

I remember back in my younger days when my mother was determined that I get an education and then a good job and on and on….what we use to call the American Dream.

When I quit college after a year and enlisted in the Army she, my mother, was noticeably disappointed in my choice…..she was concerned that once I returned that I would settle for something less than she thought was best (a typical mother)……or that I would follow in my father’s footsteps and make the military a career.

I made her day when after the service I returned to school and finished my BS degree….sadly she passed before I finished all my studies….but I would like to think she is proud of what I have accomplished.

My hard work got me a good job with good wages, travel and life experience.

But these days to be educated, at least in some circles, makes you an outsider.  Today if you are educated and voice an opinion from a scholarly point of view then you are labeled many derogatory things……like an apologist or a bleeding heart or a socialist or something worse…today I am a “globalist”….(if the users had spent more time in school and less time with their head up their butt then they would know that they are using the term wrongly)

If you are an academic or scholarly or even opinionated then you are the dregs of society…you are a know nothing….and stupid……that is unless you agree with their warped sense of society….then you are a patriot even possibly a saint.

There is a certain sector of our society that cannot tolerate being wrong….that their opinions are the ONLY opinions……they do not want a society of thinkers but a society of head bobbing sheep…..people who will NOT question the reasoning of the day….or the warped reasoning of their minions.

These are the same “people” that wear flag pins, have bumper stickers and use the term patriotic and hero ad nauseum……and will label anyone that will not conform as un-American and a whole array of other labels that make absolutely NO sense.

The direction of the country appears to be one that I am concerned about….it has been coming for a long time but now it is front and center….to be educated in America is a negative……now where have I seen this before? (That is a history question that may require Google for some)

People are worried about a Pres. Trump….I am also….but when I start seeing terms like “traitor” and “cancer” applied to another American then we have a PROBLEM.


6 thoughts on “Closing Thought–22Dec16

  1. I believe people need to earn respect, even our President but I also believe that calling the duly elected POUS is more than disrespectful and should not be allowed, unless you’re willing to fight for impeachment on that point. Me I want to buy the Utah “Cliff House” and just hang out for the next four years. ~~dru~~

    ps: chuq, your education is showing as in all your posts.

  2. Back during the Bush administration just a little after 9/11 people were afraid to disagree with anything the President said for fear of being labeled “Treasonous” or “Traitor” so this is nothing new. This is just discussed because it is another way to focus hate toward Trump.

  3. I can think of quotes by Albert Einstein, Nicolas Tesla, Isaac Asimov, Socrates, and Plato, all of whom made the same point about those who are not educated, & how they regard education. The problem now is the same one causing all the others, to wit: the overcrowding of the planet’s ability to handle human culture. There are simply too many people, too many of whom are not educated; their active resistance only gets worse as the population continues to rise… & the whole democratic system encourages it to some degree, for it assumes all are equal, when they are so obviously are not. Most are not capable of being educated enough to effectively understand, much less participate effectively in a democratic society.They become easily manipulable tools, unaware of their own inability to serve their own interests.

    gigoid, the dubious

      1. *smile* Thanks, though, it’s all good; you’ve thought as much, I’m sure….

        Bottom line is the place to go, every time. Truth hangs out there most of the time…. except for those who don’t know they need to go somewhere to find it, as described above….

        “Neither do the ignorant seek after wisdom. For herein is the evil of ignorance, that he who is neither good nor wise is nevertheless satisfied with himself; he has no desire for that of which he feels no want.” — Plato

        I’d say that about covers the ‘why’, when wondering about our insane world….

        g, td

      2. To my fave quote…”Stupidity is the deliberate cultivation of ignorance”….seems to describe American society to a tee…c ya…chuq

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