Closing Thought–13Dec16

The Russian Hack!

Okay by now you have heard about the Russian hack that is pouring out of the news these days….that is unless you have been in a coma or trapped in a public bathroom in Peoria…….

The news is that no less than 17 US intel agencies have conformed that it was the Russians that hacked into the DNC and started aiding the Trump camp (at least that is the scenario)….

Now everyone has an opinion on this attack…the Trump people, especially the Prez does not believe that it was the Russians…..

It’s time for everyone – especially President-Elect Trump – to get the facts right about Russian interference in the election. The conversation started months ago, when leading voices in the intelligence community began voicing concern that Russian government hackers were behind cyber-attacks at the DNC and other U.S. political organizations. In October, the U.S. government officially accused Russia of hacking and interfering in the U.S. election. And it gets worse: just this weekend, a new CIA report concluded that Russia acted with the specific intention of swinging the election to President Elect Donald Trump.
Russia’s interference with the U.S.’s presidential election is an attack on our sovereignty, our security, and the integrity of our democracy. But our president-elect doesn’t seem bothered. Over the weekend, Trump denied the CIA’s assessment, called the findings of the report “ridiculous”, and even refused to acknowledge the established fact that Russia was behind the hackings in the first place.

The fallout from Friday night’s “bombshell” report from the CIA that Russian hackers directly interfered with the US election in order to get Donald Trump elected continued Saturday. Here are seven things you need to know:

  • With Trump criticizing the CIA—rather than Russia—in the wake of the report, the New York Times reports he’s opening an “extraordinary breach” between himself and the national security establishment he’s bound to need during his presidency.
  • While mostly at a loss, Michael Tomasky at the Daily Beast has a few pieces of advice for what Democrats should do next: “Demand the release of the information. Demand a real investigation…The media needs to get the message that conservatives aren’t the only people who get pissed off.”
  • In a “no-win situation for the GOP,” some Republicans in Congress want to investigate Russia’s involvement in the election against Trump’s wishes. The Washington Post has four ways they could take on Russia, with or without the president-elect.
  • Harry Reid is calling for the resignation of FBI director James Comey, who he compares to J. Edgar Hoover and accuses of covering up information about Russia’s activities to get Trump elected, the Guardian reports.
  • Pamela Kruger at Fortune points out that Trump did Saturday what he normally does when faced with a major negative story: spend the morning tweeting about something completely unrelated; Celebrity Apprentice, in this case.
  • Worried Trump will ignore Russian threats to US democracy when he takes office, Quartz reports President Obama is “racing against the clock” to get a full report on Russia’s involvement in US affairs before he steps down in six weeks.

I am having fun with our new president’s reaction……

Donald Trump continued his extraordinary repudiation of U.S. intelligence agencies Wednesday night when he expressed “doubt” about their conclusion that Russia has been interfering in the U.S. election through a hacking campaign — even though intelligence officials briefed him on the Russia link in person months ago.

“Our country has no idea,” who is doing the hacking, the Republican nominee said during the final presidential debate, after Hillary Clinton challenged him to accept the conclusion of the CIA and other agencies that the Russian government was behind the leaks of internal Democratic emails.

When moderator Chris Wallace pressed Trump on whether he was disputing the assessment from U.S. intelligence officials, he replied, “Yeah, I doubt it. I doubt it.”

(NBC News)

“I don’t think anybody knows it was Russia that broke into the DNC,” Trump said. “I mean, it could be Russia, but it could also be China. It could also be lots of other people. It also could be somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds, okay?”

But my fave thing that Mr. Trump said was…..”if we do not detect them while the hack is going on then we have NO way of telling who started it”…..

Apparently our new president has NO idea how cyber-security works…that should be comforting to all Americans.
I am still concerned that the American people just 10 years ago would have NEVER allowed a president to basically embrace Russia and yet these days NO one seems to care…..

27 thoughts on “Closing Thought–13Dec16

  1. Being as I just read that the latest recount shows a discrepancy of 162 votes – those Russian hackers sure don’t know what the heck they’re doing, eh?

    1. The recounts are all phony and have already been discredited and the last thing I read was that any of the recounts that got any results at all showed Trump still leading by a considerable margin. In fact I think one judge shut one of the recounts down declaring it would change nothing and the one in Pennsylvania is stalled and all that is left is the one in Wisconsin where Trump is reported to be kicking butt even at this late stage of the count. Trump is the winner, Clinton is the loser. Let us all get used to it and move on, shall we?

      1. Journalism is no longer an honorable profession when facts are twisted or omitted just for the sake of getting a “scoop.” IMO

      2. American Journalism hasn’t been an
        “Honorable” profession for several years now, Mr. Cox — not since the rise of the big advertising agencies and their titanic budgets …. Today it is all based on “What Sells” and what does not sell. News has become a salable consumer commodity in our plastic-wrapped throw-away society and it is no longer true that one size fits all. It’s like religion … people shop around until they find a religion that makes them feel good or comfortable and that’s the one they stick with whether it is right or wrong or whatever.

  2. The same “Intelligence” agencies that advised another president about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. Yes, I trust them implicitly. It’s all a plot to discredit Trump — nothing less, nothing more but people are going to believe what people are going to believe and the CIA and their cohorts will once again end up interfering with the Will of the People trying to be a surrogate for the electorate and trying push their own agenda and support their own candidate who I believe is yet to be revealed. More “Faulty” intelligence if you ask me … a prime example of created “Fake” news with a political agenda. Furthermore, people who push this “Line” are complicit in it.

      1. Intent is debatable…there seems to be no doubt that they were hacked….we can play the blame game…still does not answer the cyber-security point I made.

      1. Expect what you will of me … sticks and stones you know … but I hate to bust your bubble and tell you that there is now a lot of doubt that they were hacked and I will be reporting on it in a few hours from now.

  3. Personally, I don’t think it matters if they did, or not; the whole scenario reminds me of an anecdote by William F. Buckley, to wit: “It had all the earmarks of a CIA operation; the bomb killed everybody in the
    room except the intended target.”

    As a side note, I don’t believe the Trumpette will be needing any help to be discredited. He manages that every time he opens his mouth, or, tweets what’s in that mass of contradiction he calls his mind.

    gigoid, the dubious

      1. That’s a joke right? The only possible responses to such a statement are these….

        “If fifty million people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing.” — Bertrand Russell

        Regarding the ‘person’ who engendered their ‘trust’….

        “His ignorance covers the world like a blanket, and there’s scarcely a hole in it anywhere.” — Mark Twain

        Rational people don’t hate him; they just recognize his insanity….

        gigoid, the dubious

      2. The only possible response to such a statement is this: “The only response to such a statement is whatever anybody chooses for it to be.” Very witty! Thanks for sharing.

      3. The first sign of insanity has always been when somebody stands up and declares that everyone else is insane but not the person doing the standing and declaring. Is is with the judgment we judge that we shall be judged so before we call a pot black we had better search for the blackness in ourselves.

      4. Having spent almost 30 years working as a caregiver for the insane, in California mental hospitals (the craziest folks in the craziest state in the craziest country in this crazy world…) I can say with confidence, the first sign of insanity is the inability to deal with ambiguity, leading to fear of the unknown. Once one gives in to fear, rather than facing it and learning about what is feared, the road to suffering and pain is assured….

        We all judge; we do so because we feel the need to organize our perceptions into a vision we can feel comfortable with. The trick is to learn to investigate, and learn, BEFORE judging. Most folks tend to just judge according to what they’ve been indoctrinated to believe all their lives, without ever examining that knowledge for its veracity…

        Fear is a mind-killer, and most of humanity hasn’t a clue why they are so afraid all the time.

        gigoid, the dubious


      5. Indoctrination is a fact as you imply. I have no problem with that. We are, at best, nothing more than the sum total of our life experiences. I go along with your treatment of that fact. It is inescapable truth what you have said in that regard.

        Comfort zones are another fact of life with which I am in full agreement with you about. — Comfort zones are the reasons that most Americans’ interests are somewhat limited to a basic few … including (A) The Next Meal, (B) Something to get high or drunk on, (C) Something [Or somebody] to play with, (D) A roof over the head, (E) The next good romp in the hay, and most essentially (F) A warm place to defecate.

        I remember my encounter with crazy people.

        I met a crazy person across the fence from a field in California where I was tending to some strawberries for the guy who had hired me as a field hand.

        The crazy guy asked me what it was that I was putting on the strawberries as I was in the process of fertilizing them.

        I told the nut case, “I am putting horse shit on the strawberries.”

        The guy from the institution leaned harder on the fence, scratched his head as if thinking for a minute and replied, “Oh Hell! We put cream and sugar on ours!”

        I know where you are coming from.

      6. LOL! He doesn’t sound TOO crazy; I prefer cream and sugar myself… never tried ’em with horse shit…. *grin*

        The operative word in the phrase ‘crazy people’ is the word ‘people’…
        Crazy is part of the package, I have learned, so, it’s best to just tend to our own sanity…because in our species, homo suicidus, each and every one is struggling to understand all we perceive, and not doing very well… on the whole.

        “I’m glad we have differences. May we both grow wiser in finding consensus.” Sarek of Vulcan, paraphrased


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