Yet Another Undeclared US War

Have ever noticed how many wars we are fighting that has not been authorized by Congress?  Do you even care?

The thing is that there are Americans dying in these conflicts….conflicts that have NOT been authorized….does that make them illegal?

What is it about America and its twenty-first-century wars? They spread continually – there are now seven of them; they never end; and yet, if you happen to live in the United States, most of the time it would be easy enough to believe that, except for the struggle against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, there were no conflicts underway. Take the Afghan War, for an example. Now 15 years old and heating up again as the Taliban takes more territory and U.S. operations there grow, it was missing in action in the 2016 election campaign. Neither presidential candidate debated or discussed that war, despite the close to 10,000 U.S. troops (and more private contractors) still based there, the fact that U.S. air power has again been unleashed in that country, and the way those in the Pentagon are talking about it as a conflict that will extend well into the 2020s. It makes no difference. Here, it’s simply the war that time forgot. Similar things might be said, even if on a lesser scale, about expanding American operations in Somalia and ongoing ones in Libya. Nor is the intensity of the air war in Syria or Iraq much emphasized or grasped by the American public

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The conflict raging in the small Middle East country of Yemen is one of these so-called “undeclared wars”……

Yes Saudi is an ally….but we really need to draw a line somewhere that keeps us out of these things and protects American troops from dying for NO other reason than someone has a hard on…..and others see a profit making opportunity.


10 thoughts on “Yet Another Undeclared US War

  1. If it isn’t a UN backed military action, the US shouldn’t be there without Congressional approval. The fact that we are deployed, without Congressional approval, tells me that the President has too much power and the Acts passed that allow it need to be repealed. If Trump wants to truly make a difference and earn some trust, he should work to remove some of the power that allowed Bush/Obama to create a never-ending war with countries in the Middle East. MSM needs to grow a pair, flip off the controlling interests, remove the pole from their asses, and actually report the real news.

  2. ” a profit making opportunity” That’s your bottom line right there. We live in a world of “predatory capitalism” in which absolutely everything has been flagged and tagged for its monetary profit value. Just try to find something that isn’t somehow attached to a price tag – and I mean that as I write it, I am not saying it has a price tag attached but the opposite: everything is attached to a price tag, including every single human life, whether its useful alive, or more useful dead. How did that happen? A species evolved or designed to live by moral values has rejected those values leaving it with essentially nothing of value to live by, or for.

  3. 21st century? Hell, we haven’t had a legal, declared war since 1941 (Korea was officially a UN police action, whatever that means; it sounds legal, anyway….). We first sent troops into Vietnam in 1954, & never looked back, once they got away with it the first time.

    At this point, you may as well just call them, new markets, for that is what they are, trading death, mostly human, for money..Hmm… Human flesh for money? Sound familiar?….

    gigoid, the dubious

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