Burn Baby Burn

This is one of those stories that few will read or even care….but for me I feel I must set the record straight whether anyone reads or not…..I do not those that peddle bullshit.

Awhile back some fires were raging in Israel and some accused the Pals of setting them…and then AQ was responsible….so far NO one knows for sure who set these fores (according to Times of Israel)…….

I bring up this seemingly uninteresting story because of those fires in Tennessee….while reading some of the more lunatic BS artists sites like Infowars, Breibart or WND I read that there was a group of Muslims or should I say jihadist that could have set this fire…..well an arrest has been made…..

Authorities on Wednesday charged two juveniles in an East Tennessee wildfire that killed 14 people and destroyed or damaged more than 1,700 buildings in an iconic tourism spot at the foot of the Great Smoky Mountains, the AP reports. Officials offered few other specifics about how they think the two started a fire that leveled buildings into charred scraps, carving a deadly path through the Gatlinburg area. People scrambled in terror to try to flee on foot or drive out of the inferno that often cloaked them from all sides, shooting hot embers through the winds. Some spent days hoping for good news about their missing loved ones. Many learned they would soon be planning funerals. The juveniles face aggravated arson charges in the fire in the Chimney Tops area of Great Smoky Mountains National Park on Nov. 23.

That fire grew amid drought conditions and ultimately rode winds exceeding 87mph into the Gatlinburg area early last week. Authorities have not yet announced a dollar amount on the damage caused by the wildfire. The teens are being held in the Sevier County juvenile detention center. “Our promise is that we will do every effort to help bring closure to those who have lost so much,” said Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Director Mark Gwyn. The juveniles are from Tennessee, but not Sevier County, where the fires spread. Otherwise, officials said state law prevents releasing more information about them. Great Smoky Mountains National Park Chief Ranger Steve Kloster said the public was “critical” in offering investigators information through a tip line. Previously, the National Park Service said it believed the fire was human caused and set up a tip line for people to call if they hiked that trail on Nov. 23, or knew anyone who did.

I know that few even care but I thought that maybe someone ought to call out the mindless crap spread on Right wing slugs, sites and blogs.

I decided that I would correct their accusation since I am certain that they will not….

35 thoughts on “Burn Baby Burn

  1. Fear and racial hatred are the new fad in USA, and people wish to blame Trump for the mood of racism that has existed for centuries. Thats a neat trick Trump has pulled off if he is responsible for CENTURIES of racism. Maybe Trump sank the Titanic as well?

    1. No one knows who set the fires in Israel according to the Times Of Israel? — I wonder where this article came from then? (Must have been fake news that somebody attached the name of The Times Of Israel to in order to cause some kind of trouble for the Arabs. (http://www.timesofisrael.com/2-israeli-arabs-confess-to-starting-wildfires-report/ ) — I know! I know! Just because some confessions were made is no proof of anything … just hearsay. I understand.

      1. BiBi blamed others without proof…like it or not….just like the fake BS spread by creeps like Alex Jones and WND

      2. So the Times Of Israel indulged in a little Bibi-motivated fake newsing, did it? That kind of nullifies it’s validity as a quotable source doesn’t it?

      3. It just appeared to me (Perhaps I misunderstood something) that one of your original comments seemed to be quoting the Times of Israel as some kind of defense against the notion that any Muslims might be involved in setting the fires and here is the part of that entry that drew my attention —” ….Awhile back some fires were raging in Israel and some accused the Pals of setting them…and then AQ was responsible….so far NO one knows for sure who set these fores (according to Times of Israel)…….” Maybe I did not read this right and if so then I apologize.

        BTW I agree that there is no proof of his accuracy (Other than the confessions I mentioned) but by the same token and according to the same standard of fair play there is no proof that he is not accurate either, is there?

    2. Fear and racial hatred gain new meaning when one is confronted by an assailant who wishes to remove the head or fill the body with hot rounds from an automatic weapon in some restaurant or cafe setting or somewhere.

  2. Every time I heard someone allege that the fires in Tennessee were started by Muslim jihadists, my eyes rolled so hard you could hear it. I try to steer clear of sites like Infowars, I find the news they report requires too much time to research just to find out most of it (if not all of it) is essentially fake news spun around a tiny bit of fact.

    Two Tennessee natives allegedly set the fire…. are they going to report that they’re American converts to Muslim and are self-proclaimed jihadists? Did you hear that eye roll?

    1. Everybody knows that no Muslim would ever even think of doing anything destructive of anybody else’s property. That is a well known and firmly politically correctly established fact by now.

      1. I have to cordially disagree. There is a difference when authorities say something is human caused and saying there are no suspects and spinning a conspiracy theory around “human caused” and saying it was set by radical Muslim jihadists. Being an apologist is one thing, but blaming a group of people that happen to have a radical element is just plain racist. I don’t ignore the fact that there are multiple radical elements in the Muslim population, however the ideology of “innocent until proven guilty” gets pushed aside at times for the sake of a sensational media story. What are we as a people, a country, if we don’t honor the laws of our system that formed the foundation of our democracy, at least, what little of it that is still left intact?

        Fear is primal and needs to be individually fought if we’re ever to get past the hate, anger and racism that is driving our society at present.

      2. Interesting. This puts the responsibility back on the approximate 75% peaceful Muslims to deal with the problem of the approximate 25% radical Muslims. We know the heads of most of the radical movements around the world, but the fact there isn’t a head of a peaceful movement proved the point that there isn’t one.

      3. And the fact that there isn’t one demonstrates to me (My opinion) that the balance of the 75% must be giving their tacit approval to what the 25% are doing and as far as I am concerned that makes them complicit. This is a point that a lot of the politically correct sympathizers, apologists and enablers either are missing or do not wish to face and admit.

  3. I’m afraid my take on this entire issue is a bit different. I don’t really, or actually, give a shit who started the fires, or why. The ones who suffered the most were the trees, a form of life we humans tend to dismiss, in spite of their importance to our own existence, or their status as a life form that has successfully survived for much longer than our pitiful mammalian group.

    Mourn their loss; it’s a greater loss than any human.

    gigoid, the dubious

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