Closing Thought–06Dec16

On Homeschooling……

I have been against homeschooling from the get go…..but I have been reconsidering the possibility…..I have seen what “Common Core” is doing to my granddaughter…it is nothing more than tests and evaluations….the students are not learning just prep work for tests.

This is not the way to get a good well rounded education.

But there are some, mostly idiots, that blame all on teachers……the GOP has had a hard on education since the late 1980’s……their accusations are a pure myth……

Until about 1980, America’s public schoolteachers were iconic everyday heroes painted with a kind of Norman Rockwell patina—generally respected because they helped most kids learn to read, write and successfully join society. Such teachers made possible at least the idea of a vibrant democracy.

Since then, what a turnaround: We’re now told, relentlessly, that bad-apple schoolteachers have wrecked K-12 education; that their unions keep legions of incompetent educators in classrooms; that part of the solution is more private charter schools; and that teachers as well as entire schools lack accountability, which can best be remedied by more and more standardized “bubble” tests.

What led to such an ignoble fall for teachers and schools? Did public education really become so irreversibly terrible in three decades? Is there so little that’s redeemable in today’s schoolhouses?

Source: The Myth Behind Public School Failure by Dean Paton — YES! Magazine

And the myths spread by morons will likely get much louder with Trump’s pick for SecEd…….it is a dismal turn……

Betsy DeVos May Complete The Big Money Takeover Of Our Nation’s Schools

…what DeVos represents in a very great sense is how rich people’s grip on the nation’s public education system has reached a choking point. No doubt, education policy led by Trump and DeVos will differ from the previous administration, but what’s staying the same is how wealthy private interests will strongly influence policies. Grasping this essential truth matters a lot in the “nasty” politics of education today, where the real debate is not so much about charters and choice as it is about who is in control.

The concept of education for profit is slinking itself through the system to become the rule of the land……

If the American Dream is still alive – the one that includes a good job and a house with a yard, kids, and a two-car garage – you can see it taking shape in Wake County in the heart of the state of North Carolina. Signs of surging prosperity are everywhere this morning as I make my way to West Lake Middle School in Apex, NC, on the outskirts of Raleigh.

What were once sleepy two-lane country roads are now teaming with impatient commuters, school busses, and mini-vans. New housing developments, shopping centers, and office buildings are transforming the rolling Piedmont landscape

Source: Tar Heel Heist: How the Charter School Industry is Hijacking Public Education | Alternet

If you truly care about your child’s education then I would suggest that you watch these developments closely….you could be next.

I read on……… op-ed written by a homeschooler……

Homeschooling is going mainstream. There are more resources than ever before. If you’ve considered homeschooling, there’s never been a better time to start.

Homeschoolers are a diverse bunch. Our teaching approaches and learning philosophies vary. Our politics run the gamut and our visions of education reform differ greatly. Yet, despite these contrasts, homeschoolers are remarkably similar. I recently asked a large, eclectic group of homeschooling parents why they chose this education option for their children. Key homeschooling features like “freedom,” and “time,” and “flexibility,” and “individualization” were common drivers for all.

Source: It’s a Great Time to Be a Homeschooler | Foundation for Economic Education

If I were younger and this was happening to our educational system then I would have probably homeschooled my daughter….she would have gotten a better education than she would have got from Common Core….I thank the spirit that I did not have to make that decision…..



8 thoughts on “Closing Thought–06Dec16

  1. Oh man, you hit a nerve. Education is a very tough subject for me as my daughter is in the public school system half way through 4th grade. I’ve invested a lot of hours in attending school board meetings, reading minutes, talking with teachers, Administrators, and in some cases students (high school) that are and have graduated. I no longer see the Teachers as the problem, which isn’t the current opinion. I see the Administration (School Board included) as the main problem. Teachers are doing the best they can within the confines of what the Administration has defined. Think of Teachers as middle Managers that are committed to their company, and are given mandates to get a job done, but the senior management (Administration) is blocking them at every turn to make their numbers (PSSA) look good. It’s a money game unfortunately and the reason that I opt my daughter out of standardized testing. Last year, her first year she would have taken them, I dropped her off at school two weeks straight and reviewed the “curriculum” she was to be taught while all her classmates were taking the PSSA tests. I was armed with a promise from the Superintendent and Asst. Superintendent that if I was at all disappointed with what they had planned, I could lodge a complaint with the Pennsylvania Department of Education….YES, I’m *THAT* parent that so many teachers and administrators don’t like to deal with. That aside, they held up their end and no complaints were lodged.

    Homeschooling robs a child of developmental socialization that is essential for them to interact with the world the remainder of their lives. I’m diametrically opposed to homeschooling children. I have friends that homeschool and as much as I don’t want to admit it, both their children have social issues and don’t know how to behave properly outside of their home. I’m not a doctor, but there are signs that other issues are present, just observation.

    The third point of Common Core, I was opposed to the ridiculousness of it for a long time until I took the time to actually learn it as my daughter was learning it. There are tons of resources online that are geared towards parents that go through the concepts and help to break down the “we did it like this” attitude and goes into detail that makes sense. I now help my daughter with Common Core and often make up questions for her to do for extra reinforcement based on what they’re doing in class. My recommendation is take the time to learn it how they’ve learned it as forcing the borrow/carry method or any method we learned in school will just make it more confusing to them in the end. It takes a little time, but I’ve found that common core methods make it easier in some instances for me to do math in my head without having to think too hard about it. It’s a new way of thinking of numbers that does make sense if given a chance.

    1. I agree about homeschooling… granddaughter is an excellent student…but she spends more time prepping for tests…I have a problem with that…it I she is missing something in the process….I would never blame teachers for having to follow the deal….I am an old fart….there is something missing…LOL

    2. I guess we could say that I am giving her a more classical education…she is learning history from me as well as classical thoughts…she is already designing a small game around some women in history….her mother is handling the day to day stuff with her…I get her on weekends and we have a blast learning history…

      1. That’s awesome! I’m a history buff as well, but mine is learned mostly, not experience. She’s lucky to have you to give her the real history instead of the watered down or ignored history in school.

      2. I try to give her more women in history to let her know it is not all male….she has learned about Gertrude Bell….for one….she asks about Vietnam and I only talk about it when I am asked a direct question….she enters high school next year and I hope is retains her interests….

  2. Yes,homeschooling is the only way forward, so state does not condition your child with falsities…common core is dangerous.
    Meanwhile,out in the Med, if you are posting re: Kurds & Palestinians u r are suspended or posts do not go out..US still wants that kreep Erdoğan under their control…things are tightening up…got trolled yesterday..usual shit.
    happy days.. 😉
    good post….
    watch this page…grin.

  3. By the by …the more home school in the community the more socializing……kids are leaving school/university with no ability to think….seen it… d/f’s ya know what that means…:-)
    A lecturer/friend left the business because he said that every kid he interviewed had no light behind their eyes and that was awhile ago 😦
    The only qualification that seems lacking these days is COMMON SENSE
    and on that note the tide is high….parting is such sweet sorrow…. 🙂

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