Closing Thought–02Dec16

GOP–When It Was A “Big Tent” Party……..

My grandfather, a man that I found to be an astute individual, was a Republican in his voting prime.  He always said that he could get behind their platform for it would strengthen the country and make it a much better place for ALL Americans.

The last time he voted was 1956…..

The years before Reagan and his assault on any one not privileged…aka “Welfare Queens”…..

If the GOP were still a party of ideas then I would be a Republican…but sadly they have long since vanished….replaced with a party of division, wealth and privilege……nothing they propose anymore will “make America great again”…..

Sadly there are no moderate or liberal Repubs left…..they have been replaced by the twats on the far Right….and that will be a worthless situation….very little if anything will be done in DC…..

Together, Donald Trump and his GOP cohorts who won on November 8 represent some of the worst tendencies in the country. Trump personifies our economic and social contradictions front and center, loud and clear. The mainstream media recognizes that Donald Trump certainly won, but few seem willing to discuss how the far right wrangled a significant victory on Election Day.

This should not be surprising. While members of the intelligentsia are now scrambling to vindicate our democratic system and call for unity, they spent years ignoring the cracks in its economic foundation. No doubt they would ignore the growing fissures now manifest, oblivious to the system poised to crash upon us. Their belief in the American status quo ushered Trump into the presidency.

Source: Let’s Face It: There Is No Moderate GOP

It took about 30 years for the GOP to go from a party of ideas to a party of immature BS…….The GOP will remain a stagnant party as long as they keep purging the Moderates and Liberals….the party will remain a party in name ONLY!



6 thoughts on “Closing Thought–02Dec16

  1. Indeed, neither Republicans or Democrats actually represent what a non-elite common American has been turned into. This isn’t the country that my parents and grandparents grew up with, and certainly not the country that I want my daughter to grow up with.

  2. LOL! I just came to a realization…. There is NO single political party today that describes, or provides the platform to fit into anything resembling what we think of as the American dream. Moreover, it is hugely ironic to me that we, or anyone, could expect ANY political party to be the one to fit what more than 340 million individuals believe; to think it could is, in my mind, the height of arrogant ignorance…

    There will never be a party worth its salt, not anymore. There is not enough sense of community, and too many different ideas about what “reform”, or “progress”, or, “the American Way” are supposed to mean. Full consensus will never again be able to rule society in a world of almost 8 billion people….

    gigoid, the dubious

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