My First Hundred Days

Since most normal humans are fed up with this election season….the sane ones that is… I thought I would inject a bit of humor into the last couple of weeks……

Every candidate for president sees to always issue some sort of report that says what they will try to accomplish in the first 100 days in office…..and 2016 is no different……Clinton and Trump have both made mention of this situation…..

Let us begin with Mrs. Clinton…….

  • Choose only strong, independent appointees — not Wall Streeters. Clinton can ensure that her Administration will be free of those “deep-seated cultural and ethical failures” by choosing appointees who’ll enforce the rules without fear or favor – and by not appointing anyone from a major bank to a senior government position.
  • Investigate Stumpf’s trades. If the SEC hasn’t moved swiftly to investigate those trades, itsalready-embattled director has some explaining to do. But the next president must make sure that promptly opens an investigation into Stumpf’s stock trading in the month before the185 million settlement.
  • Investigate the 2 million phony accounts. The SEC and Department of Justice should also investigate Stumpf, his senior executives (including Sloan), and the Wells Fargo board regarding this account fraud.
  • Protect and expand the CFPB. Wells Fargo’s crimes prove that we need the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. It should be defended from the Republicans who seek to gut it. Its budget and oversight responsibilities should be expanded to meet the ongoing threat posed by criminal bankers.
  • Break up the big banks. We agree with Republicans and Democrats who say that Wells Fargo proves too-big-to-fail banks are still a threat to the economy. The next president should direct her Treasury Secretary to develop a plan to break up Wells Fargo and others of comparable size.
  • Restore Glass-Steagall. The new president should also press for a 21st-Century Glass-Steagall Act separating consumer banking from investment activities, so that shareholders and executives will no longer be bailed out when they engage in fraud or mismanagement.
  • Investigate big-bank involvement in payday lending. The new president should direct her regulators to investigate the current state of big-bank involvement in the payday lending industry, and to publish a report of its findings that includes the social cost of this activity and more constructive alternatives for the so-called “unbanked” population.
  • Ensure justice for all. Lastly, she should demonstrate in word and deed what has unfortunately yet to be demonstrated in the nation’s capital: that the law will be enforced on Wall Street as well as on Main Street without fear or favor. Whether those crimes consist of investor fraud, consumer fraud, theft, or racial discrimination, no bank executive should ever again believe he or she is above the law.


These all all the things the voters want to hear on the Dem side…..I say less than 10% will actually be accomplished.

Watch Clinton’s appointees…they will tell you just what her agenda really is all about.

Now for the biggies for Mr. Trump……..

Trump eventually turned to his plans for his first 100 days in office, listing six major steps he’ll take once elected—in addition to suing his accusers, presumably—that he called a “contract between myself and the American voter.” Those plans include congressional term limits and more restrictions on government officials becoming lobbyists, the Washington Post reports. Trump said he would immediately deport immigrants in prison for violent crimes and cancel visas for countries that won’t take them back. He said his administration wouldn’t approve of the AT&T/Time Warner merger announced today. He would also implement a hiring freeze on all federal employees outside public health, safety, and the military. According to CNN, there were few policies or details laid out Saturday that Trump hadn’t already discussed elsewhere.

But before he does anything he will sue someone…….

I will be watching the game as it is played and will write about their first 100 days….no matter which one of the toads wins…..


3 thoughts on “My First Hundred Days

  1. I think your 10% estimate is way too high… Just sayin’. To expect ANY of that to happen, when those who are authorized to do so are being paid by those banks, is ludicrous.

    As for Trump’s suing people; no sweat for him. He already told his legal beagles to start the brief, weeks ago. Hell, they probably keep templates, & just fill in names.His other plans, while progressive sounding, are just smoke and mirrors, like every word out of his mouth.

    Fun post, though; it was a lot like going to Fantasy Island for a couple minutes… Feeling like Ricardo Montalban today, bro?….

    Productive day today; good job.

    See ya

    gigoid, the dubious

  2. ‘the sane ones that is’…..
    loosing the plot…..
    still at least I am outside the matrix…..

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