Ralph Nader Interviews Jill Stein

This press is from a fellow WP blogger, Dandelion Salad…..a very informative site if one cares to visit….

This election is the worst reality show on TV….but for some unknown reason the American people cannot see past the 2 clowns in the car…..

There are two other candidates in this fight…..Johnson for the Libertarians and Dr. Stein for the Greens…..

This is an interview about defense spending and defense policies…..

Dandelion Salad with Ralph Nader williambrighenticpa on Sep 18, 2016 Ralph Nader interviewed Jill Stein on September 17, 2016. Ralph and Jill discuss the corporate ownership of the media and the du…

Source: Ralph Nader Interviews Jill Stein: We Need To Cut The Military Budget By 50% + Transcript

After reading this someone will go on some rant about the military and yada yada yada…….but the US still spends more than most other countries combined….

A few weeks ago the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute released its annual yearbook, which assesses the current state of armaments, disarmament, and international security in the world. One point of focus is world military expenditure.

According to SIPRI, in 2015 US military spending fell by 2.4% compared with 2014. It was the fifth consecutive year of decline, though it was one of the lowest annual rates of reduction since 2010, the year in which SIPRI recorded the highest-ever level of US spending. This year is expected to mark a rise in spending.

Source: Military spending by the US has declined, but it still dwarfs that of any other nation — Quartz

Hate to tell you this but without fighting every war around this country would not need to spend so much….but that would make the defense contractors stroke out ……and we cannot have that….now can we?

If you are looking for a place for your vote then please consider the Green Party…..look at their platform.

Source: Platform – www.gp.org

14 thoughts on “Ralph Nader Interviews Jill Stein

      1. Stein will become a positive footnote in history … and probably will continue to advocate …she will have a minor effect on events … among a close loyal base ….

      2. I think she is trying to build a base for local elections…that is where they need to concentrate…..then worry about nationally…

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