Why Conspiracy Theories Flourish?

Have you noticed that since the early 1990’s conspiracy theories are spread around like manure on a garden?

And since the election of Obama then internet went batcrap crazy with this theory and that…..to the point where I prefer to stick to news, whether I like it or not.

I remember back in the day with the fluoride thing and the “grassy Knoll” thingy and the ever popular fake Moon landing……and since those that were to some extent believable we have had a wealth of “out there” conspiracies…..like 9/11, chem trails, etc……

Most of these conspiracies originate on the Right….but that is NOT saying they are the only ones with “out there” conspiracies….just they seem to have one for just about every situation.

The question now is ……how and why can these conspiracy theories flourish?

New research identifies the sorts of people attracted to conspiracies. They sound familiar.

Hillary Clinton recently caught pneumonia, which would be a fairly unremarkable fact if dark tales about her health had not circulated among conservatives for years. Naturally it prompted another round of loopy speculation, highlighting yet again one of the more striking developments in US politics in the Obama era: the increasing prominence of conspiracy theories on the right.

Dark conspiracies have always been a part of politics, of course, on both sides of the aisle (see: 9/11 truthers). But since Obama was elected, conservative media and activists have pushed the right’s conspiracy theories squarely into the mainstream of the party. Obama is a secret Muslim, he’s planning a coup in Jade Helm, he tried to nuke Charleston, SC (seriously) … the list could go on and on. Turn on a conservative talk radio show and there’s probably a new one floating around as we speak.

Source: Why conspiracy theories flourish on the right – Vox

I realize there are some theories that people would like to be true and will defend them relentlessly…..I wish would like to see people research these theories completely…..not just the research that will agree with their premises.

What is that old saying….”People will believe that which is easiest to grasp”…..

12 thoughts on “Why Conspiracy Theories Flourish?

  1. Conspiracy theories flourish because (1) There is always a grain of truth in them somewhere and (2) Most Americans are not well enough educated to recognize them for what they are (3) Many Americans find that conspiracy theories support their hatreds or their prejudices and they attach themselves to them and claim them as their justification among like minded individuals.

  2. The fact that we had our first African-American President certainly contributed…all the crazy racists came out of the woodwork. There’s a great article out there about a Trump supporter who believes that Michelle Obama is a man, and that Sasha and Malia were kidnapped by the Obamas from other parents… When it comes to the Obama presidency, no theory is too crazy.

  3. I believe conspiracy theories exist so people will spread them and do nothing, at the same time, to affect positive change. This process enables them to feel very good about themselves doing something (albeit complete acts of worthlessness).

  4. You should see some of the conspiracy theories coming through my notifications…all from a woman who has seen the light….hmmmmmm. …say no more!
    Every Cube is Satan & More. ;-(

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