Western Sahara: A New Direction

The world did no stop because the GOP has their convention…I know that may be hard to believe….but it is true.

I have written several posts about the situation in Western Sahara…..my interests come from having worked in the country in my youth….

Western Sahara……A former Spanish colony, it was annexed by Morocco in 1975. Since then it has been the subject of a long-running territorial dispute between Morocco and its indigenous Saharawi people, led by the Polisario Front.

A 16-year-long insurgency ended with a UN-brokered truce in 1991 and the promise of a referendum on independence which has yet to take place.

Although under the de facto administrative control of Morocco, the status and sovereignty of Western Sahara remain unresolved and numerous direct talks have failed to break the political deadlock.

The Saharan Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), declared by the Polisario Front in 1976, is now recognized by many governments and is a full member of the African Union.

The Polisario Front is where I pick up on this post…….the leader of this movement has recently died and the movement was sent into a spiral of intrigue and speculation…..all that has been brought to a halt…….

The Sahrawi people have a new chief and a persistent determination to establish recognition from Morocco, one way or the other.

The newly elected president of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), Brahim Ghali, is calling for a peaceful settlement of its decades-long quest for independence.

He made it known, however, that Sahrawis are ready to fight for their freedom.

In a July 9 election in a Sahrawi refugee camp in Algeria, the indigenous people of the Moroccan-occupied territory in disputed Western Sahara chose Ghali as their president and secretary-general of their liberation movement, the Polisario Front. Ghali replaces longtime leader Mohamed Abdelaziz, who died May 31.

Ghali was one of the front’s founding members. He led the movement’s first military operation against Spain in 1973. In 1991, he began a new career as a diplomat, holding different posts, from Polisario’s representative in Spain to its ambassador in Algeria.

Source: Western Sahara’s Polisario Front elects leader

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The country elected a familiar face for leadership…..the world at large has the power to make this a peaceful time by negotiating peaceful settlement of the fate of the country….freedom and independence are the only right answers.


20 thoughts on “Western Sahara: A New Direction

  1. Without commenting on the disadvantages of nationalistic fervor, I will say, I don’t find ANY sort of hatred attractive, especially when based on a delusional, false sense of moral superiority, any sort of which is completely denied by hating at all… Preferring one piece of land over another, simply because one was born there, is the height of false arrogance, a commonly held human trait which has caused way more trouble than any such piece of land is worth…

    As for the Western Sahara, I can almost see the arms dealers licking their lips….

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. I know…since I worked there I try to let the rest of the world know what is going on in this region….glad you found it interesting….chuq

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