Nice: A Day Of Horror

Once again the bastards have struck…….they chose a day of celebration in France, Bastille Day, to commit a heinous act….this time in the sleepy city of Nice in the Southeast of the country…..

Authorities say at least 84 people are dead and dozens more injured after a truck plowed into a Bastille Day celebration Thursday in Nice, France. Reuters reports the crowd was leaving holiday festivities at the Promenade des Anglais seaside walk when the truck hit it. The truck drove for more than a mile through the crowd, according to CNN. A witness tells the Guardian the truck was going between 25mph and 30mph. “I was walking for nearly a mile, and there were dead bodies all over the place,” a journalist at the scene says. “We saw people hit and bits of debris flying around,” another reporter says. “It was absolute chaos.”

The Paris prosecutor’s office opened an investigation for “murder, attempted murder in an organized group linked to a terrorist enterprise,” reports AP. There are reports the driver of the truck, who was believed to be the only person inside, fired on the crowd. The driver was shot and killed by police, and authorities say they found weapons, including guns and grenades, inside the truck. Authorities are asking people to stay inside their homes. CBS News reports French anti-terror police are now investigating the attack. President Obama condemned what “appears to be a horrific terrorist attack,” adding, “Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and other loved ones of those killed.”

The MSM has begun its endless speculation……but what is known so far?

Witnesses have described scenes of chaos, terror, and panic as an attacker drove a heavy truck through a crowd gathered to watch Bastille Day fireworks in Nice, France on Thursday night, killing at least 80 people. Large numbers of families had gathered along the seafront Promenade des Anglais and witnesses say they saw parents throw their children to safety as the truck zigzagged for more than a mile, leaving a trail of dead and injured people behind it. “We saw essentially a stampede of people coming along the Promenade des Anglais,” US-Palestinian writer Ismail Khalidi tells the Guardian. “We are talking families, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people. Then all of a sudden the stampede started coming from the other direction,” he says. “I have never seen that level of chaos and hysteria and terror.” The latest developments:

  • President Francois Hollande says he has no doubt that attack was terrorism and he is extending the state of emergency brought in after last November’s Paris attacks by three months, reports Reuters. “France is filled with sadness by this new tragedy,” said Hollande, who is calling up police and military reservists.
  • “France was struck on the day of its national fete, July 14, the symbol of liberty,” Hollande said in a televised address early Friday, calling the attack a “monstrosity” and “an absolute violence.” “The terrorist character (of the attack) cannot be denied,” he said. “All of France is under the threat of Islamic terrorists.”
  • A police sources tells AFP that the identity papers of a French-Tunisian man were found in the truck after the driver was shot dead by police. The sources say that the driver got out of the truck and exchanged fire with police before he was killed.
  • A spokesman for a pediatric hospital in Nice tells Reuters that children were among those killed in the attack and many children are now undergoing serious operations at the hospital.
  • Nice Matin journalist Damien Allemand says the screams began just as the fireworks ended and people got up to leave, the AP reports. “A fraction of a second later, an enormous white truck came along at a crazy speed, turning the wheel to mow down the maximum number of people,” he says. “I saw bodies flying like bowling pins along its route. Heard noises, cries that I will never forget.”

So far no one has claimed responsibility for this attack……yet more innocents died so that some group of blood thirsty bastards can make a point.  This type of violence is far from over…..keep in mind that while ISIS loses territory the “ghost” caliphate will step up the international attacks.

Now the whole array of BS will start…instead of focusing on the act the conversation will most likely devolve into a war of words.


10 thoughts on “Nice: A Day Of Horror

  1. Rather than join in any of the speculation, I’ll merely point out the number of mass shootings/terrorist attacks have increased of late, in lock-step with each of the significant pieces of evidence that keep getting uncovered showing the oligarchs are causing the attacks themselves, to distract people from the information about their intransigence… The more we find out how they are financing these idiots, the more they order more attacks, to keep the people focused on the violence, rather than the information about them, and their clandestine activities….

    The beast is exhibiting signs of panic and fear, striking out at any viable target, as long as it keeps attention off them

    gigoid, the dubious

  2. My heart goes out to the people who lost their lives, were injured and to the friends and families effected.
    This kind of brings home the point about the rest of the world being tired of wars waged on their land.
    Warmongers like the group from the UN

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