BiBi: Call His Bluff!

I need to apologize for my lax reporting on international situations….but I have finally got my hands on the Bin Laden documents and I have been pouring over them looking for stuff…..

Plus the media has been laser focused on a woman’s lawsuit for naked pics, and some women in Texas that was stopping traffic by being nude and finally some driver gets pulled over because there is a small tree embedded in the radiator of a car….now those are news! (sarcasm in case you missed it)……

While on break I was reading some news and one event that had me up thinking was BiBi’s failure to come to the AIPAC meeting this year….

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced today that he will not be making a visit to Washington DC later this month to attend the AIPAC annual conference, and by extension is also refusing a proposed White House visit with President Obama.

White House officials expressed outrage at the news that Netanyahu was not only declining their invitation, but hadn’t declined to them personally, saying they first heard about it in the Israeli press, along with false claims from Israeli officials that there was no possible time to schedule the meeting with Obama.

Israeli officials insisted that the cancellation was because of the proximity to US primary elections, though no primary elections are scheduled for the duration of the planned visit. This  was seen as another slight to the White House, referencing Obama’s refusal to meet Netanyahu last year in the lead-up to the Israeli elections.

This is a class act, the PM of Israel, if he wants to play a game then I say give him a game.

I have an idea (it will never see the light of day….but what the Hell)……

Just for being a d/bag all arms shipments are suspended……and then inform the Saudis, who have become butt buddies with BiBi, that any attempt to be a middle man for Israel will result in sanctions and a suspension of ALL military aid.  Send word to Israeli government that all settlements must halt or any American company doing business in Israel will be sanctioned and fined.  Then meet with Palestinian reps to talk about the recognition that they richly deserve (I know this part will be tricky because no one knows for sure who reps who)…… meet with EU partners and work up a plan for dealing with the escalating violence on the West Bank.  Finally, give American companies willing to rebuild Gaza a tax incentive (to be determined later)……inform UN that the US will NO longer work as a surrogate for Israel….all dual citizenship holders will be told to pick one over the other…dual Israeli citizenship will NO longer be recognized.

How’s that for a plan?

Now my question is….does the US have the cajones to call Israel’s bluff?

But could it really be the BiBi is just pouting?

he White House is exploring the possibility of supporting a UN Security Council resolution that would set the principles for a permanent Israeli-Palestinian agreement. The resolution would be brought to a vote before the end of U.S. President Barack Obama‘s term in office, the Wall Street Journal has reported.

American support for a UN Security Council resolution on the Israeli-Palestinian issue

Some of Obama’s advisers, as well as senior officials at the State Department in Washington, believe that the American president’s legacy on the Israeli-Palestinian issue should be a Security Council resolution that would determine principles for the end of the conflict.

Such a resolution would replace the Security Council’s Resolution 242 from 1967 and Resolution 338 from 1973. It would serve as a new source of authority for the peace process, secure and preserve the two-state solution, and make it clear to the Israelis and Palestinians what concessions they would have to make if they one day decide to renew the peace process.

5 thoughts on “BiBi: Call His Bluff!

  1. ‘Does the US have the cajones to call Israel’s bluff?’

    No,but Trump has coz he ain’t got No problem in that Area!

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