Perversion Made Legal

A couple of years ago I wrote a piece about a local phenom, more like a perversion, that was made legal by a local court in Mass…..that perversion was the need to snap up skirt shots of women in public places.  Back then I question the need for this perversion to be defined…..well it seems that it went through the court system and has been upheld again…….for now a person can stand in a prime location and snap pics up the skirts of passing women….I know….I know….WTF?

A Virginia man caught taking photos of women’s “private areas” on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial was doing something “repellant and disturbing”—but not illegal, says a female judge in Virginia. DC Superior Court Judge Juliet McKenna dismissed voyeur charges against Christopher Cleveland of Springfield, Va., who got stopped by US Park Police last year after they spotted him taking photos of women on the steps above him, reports WJLA-TV. Officers found scores of photos of women’s crotches and buttocks on his camera and computer, but the judge said that they weren’t illegal and that officers had no authority to search his camera, reports the Washington Post.

“This Court finds that no individual clothed and positioned in such a manner in a public area in broad daylight in the presence of countless other individuals could have a reasonable expectation of privacy,” wrote McKenna. What’s more, “there is no evidence Mr. Cleveland positioned his camera in any way or employed photographic techniques or illumination, so as to capture images that were not already on public display.” In other words: creepy but not criminal. A subway rider in Massachusetts was let off the hook on similar charges.

Is it just me or is this just legalizing creepy behavior?  Or is it just creepy that the courts are basically condoning this perversion?

Please I would like to hear from everybody on this situation.

10 thoughts on “Perversion Made Legal

  1. One of the most literal “Creepy Perversions” that has attained legal status in the United States is one that is so pervasive that few ever notice the true nature of it — and what is it? Answer: Right Wing Radical Religious Political Extremism that disguises itself as conservative.

  2. ” Or is it just creepy that the courts are basically condoning this perversion?”

    Maybe a court order to see what is on Judge Juliet’s hard drive will reveal some answers. A kindred spirit of the perverted? 😦

  3. This is yet another moral victory for the Military-Industrial-SPY Complex. They want us ALL to become exhibitionists & voyeurs who use technology to broadcast/pry into everyone’s most “private areas”. Why? Because it’s what they do for a living and they want us to be more accepting of their deviancy. They want every fibre of our beings to be stored in stadium sized data centres, so they can control us all with a snap of their fingers.

    And they’re winning. This abhorrent spying behaviour is almost normalized and now the legal system seems to be embracing it. I’d say we’ll see the real consequences of it in 10 years. However, nobody will be able to connect the effects to a cause. Life will be a lot like a giant “Do Not Fly List”. Without warning or explanation, you just can’t get on a plane anymore…unless it’s headed to Gitmo. Shit will just happen and nobody will know why.

    In 10 years, privacy won’t even be a concept anyone remembers. We’ll all be far worse for it, even though we won’t necessarily realize it.

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