Out Of Africa

Nope not some Meryl Streep movie that the world will fall in love…..
Recently our president held a summit of the major leaders of Africa…..it is about investment and trade….but Obama has asked for an extra $550 million for Africa….but for what you may ask……

But first let’s look at our attempt to “help” Africa with security and crisis management…..it is called AFRICOM……..I’ll bet that most Americans are sitting there reading this and going….HUH?

The US saw a need for a presence of the US in Africa and went about forming a military command to deal with any situation that appeared on the continent…..Africa has been the way it is for centuries but now we need to be there ….why is that?

Glad you asked!

Is it really for a response to say a crisis or is it there to protect corporate interests?

I bring this all up for one reason…..an announcement during the summit of African leaders…..

President Obama has unveiled a five-year $550 million “rapid response force” plan for Africa today, during the third day of a summit with African heads of state in Washington.

The program is to begin this year with an initial $65 million in military subsidies to African Union member nations Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, and Tunisia.

The plan will eventually expand to include other AU member nations and will cost $110 million annually, with hopes of increasing their military capacity for launching AU and UN “peacekeeping” missions.

It appears that the new plan is to scrap AFRICOM and go with throwing money at countries to handle their own situations.  So in 2006 the formation of AFRICOM was announced and then activated as a functioning entity in 2008….their mission statement was thus……

The United States Africa Command, in concert with other U.S. government agencies and international partners, conducts sustained security engagement through military-to-military programs, military-sponsored activities, and other military operations as directed to promote a stable and secure African environment in support of U.S. foreign policy.

U.S. Africa Command supports American national security interests by conducting a wide range of programs and activities that help African states—at their request—meet their goals of building capable and professional militaries that are subordinate to civilian authority, respect human rights, and adhere to the rule of law.

I give you this limited look at the newest military command because….first you need to know and second that after less than six years it is to be scrapped!  It seems the Obama foreign policy machine has a better idea……silly right?

I understand that our country is at a crash point….we need to cut spending and try and get a grip on the debt…..but is this a good idea to help that attempt?

We spent millions to establish this commend and now we will scrap the whole program and just give money to saiud countries to help in their “rapid responses” to dire situations.

I would say that about half the countries in Africa have corrupt politicians and we are about to hand them the keys to the bank.  I ask is this really a good idea?  And just how will this save the country money?  We are still throwing money at a problem….money that will not be spent on any situation but rather find its way into a secr4et bank account somewhere in the Caymans…….

We really need to find NEW thinking in our foreign policy!



7 thoughts on “Out Of Africa

  1. “I would say that about half the countries in Africa have corrupt politicians and we are about to hand them the keys to the bank.”

    Good point, though to tell you the truth I think the U.S. oligarchy class likes it that way. Just think about how the U.S. helped either topple or assassinate any leader who truly advocated for African Unity and true Independence from the path of neocolonialism. There’s the CIA’s role in the assassination of Patrice Lumumba, the overthrow of Kwame Nkrumah, and even Muammar Gaddafi (who seemed to be taking a more pan-Africanist point of view during the last years of his life, though it’s debatable whether it was authentic). But what is clear is that America supports corrupt and brutal dictators in Africa: Paul Kagame, Mussevi, Mobutu, etc.

    1. Oh I agree….we looked the other way during the Cold War and its has continuously bitten us in the ass. sadly, Africa was for the longest time a fleeting thought….but now it has some of the fastest growing economies and now we are interested….more sad is it just another way to exploit…..

      Thanx so much for commenting…..I hope to see you often….chuq

      1. Great analysis. Another thing to add about how we ignored Africa before learning there were resources there is how quickly we jumped on board after China started going in there making business deals. Realizing that we were getting left behind in the business of looting, how do we respond? By building a bunch of military bases of course! Nothing like use of force to say, “We’re the better choice to do business with.”

      2. It is the same with the Middle East…most Americans cannot comprehend the tribal mentality and School does not help the understanding of Africa and its needs.

      3. China has taken the place of the USSR…….the exception is they are doing it with projects instead of weapons…..the US is scrambling…once again we are reacting instead of acting……it is the same thing in the Middle East….this is why we enter into wars…we did not have the forethought and all that remains is to react to the situation….not a good foreign policy.

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