Send in The Clowns (For Syria)

Holy Crap!  This is my 6000th post…..that explains the cracked cuticles and stubby fingers…..LOL

I watched the opening salvo of the entrance exam for clown college…..the Senate Hearing on Syria… was a typical meeting of professional clowns….lots of praise and false humility…..and then the inquistion began and we got to watch the game of political positioning begin…….

(Newser) – John Kerry and defense chief Chuck Hagel were on Capitol Hill today making the case for a military strike on Syria. “This debate is about the world’s red line,” said Kerry. It is “a red line that anyone with a conscience ought to draw.” Some of their arguments, via CNN, the New York Times, and AP:

  • Hagel: “There are always risks in taking action, but there are also risks with inaction. The Assad regime, under increasing pressure by the Syrian opposition, could feel empowered to carry out even more devastating chemical weapons attacks.”
  • Kerry: “This is not the time for armchair isolationism. This is not the time to be spectators to the slaughter.”
  • Hagel: “The Syrian regime’s actions risk eroding the nearly century-old international norm against the use of chemical weapons,” a norm that has kept America safe.
  • Kerry: “I remember Iraq. Secretary Hagel remembers Iraq. … We were here for that vote. And so we are especially sensitive, Chuck and I, to never again asking any member of Congress to take a vote on faulty intelligence.”
  • Hagel: “The use of chemical weapons in Syria is not only an assault on humanity, it is a serious threat to America’s national security interests and those of our closest allies. We cannot afford for Hezbollah or any terrorist group determined to strike the United States to have incentives to acquire or use chemical weapons.”
  • Kerry: “There will not be American boots on the ground with respect to the civil war.” But he said he wouldn’t rule out the possibility under dire circumstances, like chemical weapons falling into the hands of terrorists.

President Obama, meanwhile, has won the support of both John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi in the House.

And was anything decided?

(AP) – Ninety days max and no ground troops: The Senate resolution authorizing President Obama to use military force against Syria will require those two conditions. The AP obtained a copy of the draft resolution that the Foreign Relations Committee will vote on tomorrow. It sets a time limit of 60 days and says the president could extend that for 30 days more unless Congress has a vote of disapproval. Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey, chairman of the committee, and Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee, the top Republican, agreed on the measure tonight. (John McCain got caught goofing off during today’s hearing.)

Next the “secret” briefing of the Senate will give out more specific details….details that you and I will not see until way past the rain of missiles….and then they will move on to the House Foreign Relations Committee and the more ignorant of the actors will have their shot at media immortality…….

Then there is the House Foreign Affairs Committee…….as usual it was “smile for the cameras” nothing new was asked that wasn’t asked the day before but all had to have their say for the cameras.  Only thing interesting were the protesters in the back that would hold up their hands painted red and they did so silently……

The very same questions asked over and over in various ways……I would almost bet that half the people on this committee could not find Syria with both hands and flashlight……there was “what if” after “what it” and I kept waiting for one of the clowns to connect Syria with Obamacare…….

Appearing before a Senate panel, Secretary of State John F. Kerry and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel struggled at times to frame a proposed military strike on Syria as tough enough to be worthwhile but limited enough to guarantee that the United States would not get dragged into another open-ended military commitment in the Middle East. Nonetheless, they assured lawmakers that the administration was not asking for congressional backing to “go to war,” as Kerry put it.

Our military objectives in Syria would be to hold the Assad regime accountable, degrade its ability to carry out these kinds of attacks and deter it from further use of chemical weapons,” Hagel said in testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Next will be the different clown acts in the respective chambers…all the theatrics and yelling and posing defiantly for the ever present cameras……at some point this becomes a total waste of time………and then there will be a vote and a final solution……all we can do is wait and see who is the biggest ass!


4 thoughts on “Send in The Clowns (For Syria)

  1. Theatrics and lip service is the purpose of the vast majority of committee hearings. I’ve never heard of Rep Jeff Duncan until yesterday, and he unquestionably gets my vote for biggest ass at the hearings.

    6000? Six with three zeros? Wow … mega congratulations!

      1. LOL … all one has to do is listen … it’s like the presidential debates … listening shows they seldom answer questions … and seldom is being kind.

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