The Piece Prize

Obama Nobel Peace Prize Cartoon


15 thoughts on “The Piece Prize

  1. I don’t know if I’m “getting off on it”, but I think the cartoon is fairly accurate. IMHO there is absolutely no justification at all for getting involved with what’s happening in Syria. There is no threat to the United States. Of course we’re getting the same tired line of protecting the “interests” of the U.S. but even if Assad was thrown out today just whom do we think will replace him? Does the Muslim Brotherhood sound familiar. The same crew who’s taken over in every other “Arab Spring” uprising … all those dictators were overthrown with help from the U.S. and replaced with the Brotherhood. (who coincidently hate the U.S. and vow to destroy us from within) Egypt didn’t appreciate it and are actually doing something about it. I see where John Kerry claims Arab nations are going to pay for our involvement with Syria. I kinda think they’ll want something in return and I don’t think any amount of money is acceptable in exchange for one American life lost over there.

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