He Said What About Syria?

On Saturday the Prez wen forth and caved to conventional pressure and will will Congress decide what is to be done about the Syrian chem weapons…..this is the way that the MSm is reporting—personally, I think it is do-do!

I have waited a couple of days before commenting on the Prez and his decision….I wanted to see and read what others were hearing in this decision…….and I wait……..

In case you were otherwise engaged on Saturday and are not sure what I am talking about….let me help….I realize that Saturday football is far more important than the possibility of the US going to war again…..

President Barack Obama said he has decided he should order limited military strikes against Syria, but in a move laden with political and diplomatic implications, he also agreed in an about-face to solicit authorization for the mission from Congress.

Mr. Obama’s announcement in a Rose Garden statement brought an unusually sudden halt to a military mobilization that for days has appeared on the cusp of a limited bombardment of Syria as punishment for its alleged use of chemical weapons Aug. 21.

It also marked a jarring shift as president for Mr. Obama, whose senior aides have been saying that he would not seek congressional authorization and that he had the legal right to order the start of military strikes.

Mr. Obama said legislative leaders have agreed to hold a debate and a vote on the issue as soon as Congress returns, which currently is scheduled to be Sept. 9. Leaders in the Senate, where Democrats hold the majority, considered calling the chamber back to session before then.

The move places the president’s Syria policy on an unknown course, subjecting it to a certain showdown on Capitol Hill where lawmakers are deeply divided on the issue and even more so over Mr. Obama himself.

Yep you heard right….the Prez is willing to let Congress decide that fate of Syrians……so why the change of attitude from Friday?  First Congress approval is better than the approval rating of striking Syria……second, this is perfect cover….when the situation goes to crap then all those that voted for the action can be held accountable at election time……am I saying it is a political game being played……DAMN RIGHT!  And being played with other people’s lives….something we are very good at doing…..

So go back to your precious football we have about a week before anything will be done……I mean apparently it is not important enough to force the cash scrounging parasites to return to DC to get about business……

This will one day become a comic routine for it is getting funnier by the day…..too bad that it will end badly…..all this is …is….CYA!  It is that simple!

NOTE:  To all my friends have a great dqay of fun, food and friends and I will return tomorrow to irritate as many people as possible……


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