America’s First War On Communism

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I was watching the History Channel the other night, and believe it or not they actually had a program that dealt with history and not some moronic reality crap…….anyway the show was a bout what the narrator called America’s first war on communism…….the show was about the Korean War and its situations……..

Basically, the premise was that the US began fighting communism straight on during the Korean War……and all else was just a continuation of that conflict……as a political historian I disagree with that assertion….actually America’s first war on communism was in 1918…….(pause here for the facial expressions of derision…….)  That is right…..1918!

I am sure that all you that worry about creeping communism will recall the Bolsheviks led an upraising against the czar, Nicholas and thus began the paranoia of creeping communism (granted a bit simplistic but any more and I will lose so many readers)……..after the Bolsheviks took power there was a civil war between the communists and the imperialists and this is where the US happened to invade Russia along with other countries like Britain, France, Japan and Italy and other lesser allies…….but why would the US invade Russia?

I will let Wikipedia take it from here………..

The Allied intervention was a multi-national military expedition launched during the Russian Civil War in 1918. Its operations included forces from 14 nations[1] and were conducted over a vast territory. The initial stated goals were to help the Czechoslovak Legions, secure supplies of munitions and armaments in Russian ports, and re-establish the Eastern front. After winning the war in Europe, the Allied powers militarily backed the pro-Tsarist, anti-BolshevikWhite forces in Russia. Allied efforts were hampered by divided objectives, lack of an overarching strategy, war weariness and a lack of public support. These factors, together with the evacuation of the Czechoslovak Legion and the deteriorating situation compelled the Allies to withdraw from North Russia and Siberia in 1920, though Japanese forces occupied parts of Siberia until 1922 and the northern half of Sakhalin until 1925.[2]

With the end of Allied support, the Red Army was able to inflict defeats on the remaining White government forces, leading to their eventual collapse. The Allied intervention and its foreign troops were effectively used by the Bolsheviks to argue that their enemies were backed by Western capitalists. The Bolsheviks were eventually victorious and established the Soviet Union.

America’s involvement was no small participation……about 13, 000 American troops were involved……..

My intent is to set the record straight….Korea was NOT the first face to face war on communism……..and it would not be the last.

BTW…..I am sending a copy to the History Channel…..


5 thoughts on “America’s First War On Communism

  1. I am coincidentally reading an historical novel about this time period called the The Romanov Conspiracy: A Thriller by Glenn Meade that uses historical fact as it tells the story of real life figures to who get caught up in the Bolshevik revolution and the attempts to rescue the Tsar and his family. It’s a real page turner.

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