The Future Of Cable

As Monty Python use to say, “and now for something completely different”…….

We know that newspapers and magazines, well all print, is a dying breed and they are trying desperately trying to save it…..and now to me, it looks like cable may be sliding into oblivion…….you can watch TV, movies, music, etc on your pad or phone or even your TV in the living room…….so is cable capable of surviving?

Cable TV is “on the fast train to oblivion,” but you won’t hear that from its executives. The latest financial results from Time Warner and News Corp are upbeat, and Comcast has decided to snap up the rest of NBCUniversal ahead of schedule. But the disastrous future for these companies is “emperor’s-no-clothes obvious,” writes Michael Wolff at USA Today. The bigwigs pretend that people aren’t “cord-cutting,” but the reality is that “virtually everybody has cut it or is flirting with the possibility of cutting it or being harangued by their children to do so.” At the heart of the problem is “modern business myopia.” Cable TV is deeply entrenched across the US, and for the moment, is still raking in cash—even as viewing habits have fundamentally changed. “My large television is a fully connected but dead presence in the house where a river of video, legal and not, flows over my laptop,” Wolff notes. All that’s left is for people to finally get around to dropping their cable service. Until then, expect the executives to remain in denial, following in the footsteps of Detroit, the music industry, and the newspaper business. Click to read Wolff’s full piece.

It looks like broadband is getting more and more popular and could in the near future replace the need for a cable subscription……look for cable companies to begin scrambling for government support as their popularity wanes………any thoughts?


21 thoughts on “The Future Of Cable

  1. “All that’s left is for people to finally get around to dropping their cable service.”

    I did this over a year ago and I couldn’t be happier and the richer for it.

  2. I’m tied to it. It sucks, but without cable i wouldn’t get English programs here in Brazil. That said, after loosing BBC all we have here for News now is CNN and that’s getting so unbearable i can hardly watch it. Fox-light.

      1. Never heard of it. Doesn’t seem to be available. The big TV stations own the government here, and the big TV stations are owned by a few principle advertisers, namely Casas Bahia: a family owned shity furniture and appliance chain. They will not allow change. It’s as simple as that.

      2. Brazil is odd in that manner. South of Rio is 1st World. The city i’m in outstrips any American city in terms of services and infrastructure. I’ve travelled through the States a few times and found your infrastructure atrocious compared to the rest of the developed world. North of Rio, though, is what I’d consider 3rd World with pockets of 1st World where the wealthy go and play. Either way, the country is a corrupt plutocracy.

      3. I agree about our infrastructure and no one cares…..we have bridges collapsing and no one cares……about all I know about Brazil is from a Brazilian dancer I dated a few years back…..may I say was the best 2 years I have spent…..wink wink…..

  3. The whole cable thing has degenerated to where it is getting really hard to find something that is worth watching – – ( flipping channels might be cause for carpel tunnel syndrome with some sensitives) – -and the whole thing certainly is not getting any cheaper to maintain – – I think it is going to go the way of telephone land lines myself… into the age of the “Cableosarius” . . a once prominent money-gobbling dinosaur.

    1. Hello John of American Liberal Times……like your site….thanx for the visit and hope to see you often…….

      I agree totally with you about the cable….about all I do is watch news, science channel and history channel (that is whenever they actually have some history in the programming)…..I am checking into broadband and I eventually will move on from cable….my problem is that broadband will also become the money hungry twats……

      1. The broadband thing need not become a money hungry twat – – the broadband I use costs me $69.99 a month,and never throttles my speed and has no cap and no one even asks any questions unless my usage exceeds 50 thousand Gigabytes as month – – – I love it! I run my blog and everything on it. Wouldn’t trade it for the world.

      2. When you are looking at this information I am sending, remember that the plan I chose was the one in the middle of the chart… the $69.99 a month one… it uses a little modem thing that plugs into the side of my computer – – no wires . . nothing . . and it never has failed me yet. They set customers up on an auto pay system that I have never had a problem with yet and I have been with this group for a long time now.

        I am not compensated by them for sending this infortmation and I am definitely not affiliated with them. I do love their service, however.

      3. I would suggest shopping for locally available services that cap at or above 50GB per month . . . there are most likely such plans available. Some of these smaller commercial plans that everyone is familiar with can sometimes charge 5 cents per MB over their allowance and it is not impossible to end up with a $200 bill for one month if you happen to exceed their allowances – – some of them start throttling your speed at somewhere around 5GB which I think is outrageous but which seems to the standard with that crowd. Another trick is to keep two seperate accounts going with two different providers. This will allow 10GB of space, but it can cost as much as $150 a month and if that becomes a likelihood, there is always the option of having a pay pal account and a donate button on the blog hoping that people will chip in a little from time to time to help with expenses.
        I don’t do it because I want this blog to always be free of any cost to anyone but it might be an option.

      4. Once you have had an opportunity to look this over, please tell me if you found it helpful at all. If you ever consider using them, make sure you are in their coverage area. You can find this out from their coverage area map or by sending a question to their customer service.

      5. John, my biggest problem is that I live in Mississippi and broadband is very limited……I am hoping that changes soon…..but I will not hold my breath…..

  4. I am just waiting on Google Fiber to come to Orlando and then I will say good bye to Brighthouse. People still want to watch tv shows but I think the delivery method of those shows will need to change soon. I rarely if ever watch a show when it is broadcast. Either from hulu or DVR, I watch the shows when I want to watch them and that has become the norm for so many.

    I think once someone, like Google fiber, provides a high speed internet service not tied to cable, it will be the death of the traditional cable provider.

    There should be no government bailouts of the cable networks, let them die off like any obsolete business. If I worked for a cable company I would be preparing for a job change as soon as possible.

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