Path To Citizenship

Path to Citizenship


4 thoughts on “Path To Citizenship

  1. I’m bored. I’m not tired. It’s nearly 2:30AM.

    Sounds like it’s time to explain my view on immigration…Not that anyone cares, but oh well, what’s blogging for if not to spout off endlessly?

    I don’t take a hardline approach like many conservatives. To me, it is unconscionable to deport a child that views, and always has, the United States as “home.” Some children are brought here as babies by “criminal” parents in search of a better life and future for their families. Anyway you slice it, it’s wrong to deport them.

    Believing that, I support amnesty for all illegals except those that have broken some other law; criminals should be deported, unless their crime is something absurdly minor like jaywalking, possession of alcohol, and maybe even drunk driving. That some conservatives want all criminals deported, even those convicted of minor offenses, is understandable. But I recognize that people make mistakes. If the mistakes are minor enough, a second chance is not out of line.

    From there, a path to citizenship should be paved. It should include a thorough understanding of American history, the English language, and the wonderful joys of paying taxes. I would also demand a high school diploma or GED equivalent. There are plenty of “free” programs available around the country that would serve this need.

    Immigrants should not be allowed to vote until they become citizens, but they should be furnished with a driver’s permit. You cannot expect immigrants living in rural areas to pay a taxi for everyday driving, or walk miles to a bus stop. So a separate license for immigrants that does not entitle them to vote should be given.

    The boarder must be protected. It must be protected with fences, guards, and high-tech devices that prevent all, or most, illegal immigration.

    But at some point, immigration from third-world nations must stop completely. Too much diversity is a bad thing. In fact, history tells us so. Look at all the horrible violence Eastern Europeans have suffered through the years. People prefer to be with their own kind.

    America is not immune from ethnic mayhem. A beautiful poem on the Statue of Liberty cannot change human nature. If you don’t believe me, look no further than Los Angeles. Blacks and Latinos are killing each other at alarming rates. There is a black exodus going on that the media isn’t reporting. As Latinos move in, blacks are moving out..

    The majority of America is white – and it should stay that way. We are a nation founded, basically, by white people. But that isn’t to say ethnic minorities aren’t American. Hell, blacks are as American as apple pie. But to keep America from drastically changing its ethnic make-up, third-world immigration needs to be curbed.

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