What Causes Violent Crime?

We all have heard about the massive shootings in the last couple of months and that Chicago had 500 murders last year and daily we hear about more and more violent crime…..this is not an anti-gun post so take your Valium and read on………is there any one thing that can be targeted asa cause for some violent crime?

(Newser) – Violent crime has fallen in the US for years, but why? Experts have floated theories ranging from police techniques to the “crack epidemic” to the legalizing of abortion, but none quite fit the facts. One, however, does: lead poisoning. In Mother Jones, Kevin Drums reports that the rise and fall of leaded gasoline directly mimics the arc of violent crime in America, on a 23-year time lag. In fact, studies show the same correlation in countries around the world, six US cities, and even a New Orleans neighborhood. “When they overlay [lead concentrations] with crime maps,” says one researcher, “they realize they match up.”

The science fits, too: Many studies link lead intake with lower IQs, delayed development, and a propensity to commit crimes later in life. Of course millions of children who inhaled lead from car tailpipes between the 1940s and the 1970s didn’t become criminals, but those on the margin “were pushed over the edge from being merely slow or disruptive to becoming part of a nationwide epidemic of violent crime,” writes Drums. The clincher: Lead molecules still lurk in our soil and an estimated 16 million US houses. Cleaning them up would cost billions, but save far more in the long run, Drums writes: It “could turn out to be the cheapest, most effective crime prevention tool we have. And we could start doing it tomorrow.”

Okay, this is just a work in progress but at least there is a possible link between lead and crime……..worth the study or not?

And how do I get on the list for some of that grant money?


6 thoughts on “What Causes Violent Crime?

  1. Great peice, and I read the source article, brilliant. I had read freakanomics and although I thought them abortion rate vs crime rate an ellagnt idea, I was never convinced. This makes beautiful sense.

  2. I always thought the coralation between the age of the “baby boomer” generation and the crime rate to be interesting also. As that generation ages out of the average criminal age rage the rate of crime is dropping.

    As most BBs did not have children at the same rate that their parents did, there is not another generation of criminals coming up behind them.

    I had a socialogy teacher in high school, 1990’s, that predicted a drop in the national crime rate as the BB generation got older.

  3. I read this too and found it very thought provoking. It directs our attention to poverty and poor oversight by local, state and federal regulatory agencies that should be picking things up like this sooner and minimizing their impact on the public.

    It is things like this that demands we be constantly vigilant of the crony capitalism that is so rampant in our times.

    1. Larry, it seems no one cares until there is a massive disaster and then they want the Fed to pay for the clean up….personally, I am weary of whining…..

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